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Say "S'long" to Poor Music; Stream the New LOS DOGGIES Single Today! [Exclusive Premiere]

- Sep 07, 2017 at 03:13PM
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New Paltz, New York's Los Doggies are set to release their new EP Ear Op on September 8, 2017, and today we're hitting you up with an exclusive stream of the single "S'long". The song is the second from the four-track EP recording and a perfect representation of the trio's blend of indie and progressive rock.

The group left us with a quote on the song to share with ya'll... "'S'long' is a heavily-syncopated ditty about brotherly rivalry from a band of brothers. The title is short for 'so long' as in farewell, but also 'as long,' a conjunction, and finally, a phallic pun in the Shakespearean sense. Lyrically set in those Cain-and-Abel days of video-game violence and real-life fighting games. The slangy chorus pays homage to an era of inane banter punctuated by spitting: 'S'like I lose to you, s'long s'lose to me.'"

Tour Dates:

09/09 - Snug Harbor - New Paltz, NY
09/22 - Pauly's Hotel - Albany, NY
10/21 - Old Canal Inn - Nutley, NJ

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