Scars Divide - "Scars Divide" [EP] [Album Stream] [Exclusive World Premiere]

- Feb 24, 2014 at 06:38PM
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The Skinny: In PureGrainAudio fashion we've lined up another rad Audio premiere. This time around we have the good fortune of bring you an advance stream of the brand new, self-titled EP from the metalcore/progressive band, Scars Divide. Due out on February 28, 2014 via Tenacity Music, Scars Divide is the debut from a VERY new quintet from Vevey, Switzerland. We'll tell you more about the group below, but first, HIT PLAY!

The band came together last year... yep, as recently as 2013. Their debut was recorded at Conatus Studio by Vladimir Cochet and really captures the members' diverse musical backgrounds - from post-rock to melodic metalcore, this album has some amazing playing and keeps the listener guessing. This is an incredibly strong first offering and one that should quickly garner the band some great exposure and a good following.

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