Swiss Rockers COLD BATH Get Philosophical on Their Heavy New Album “Something Left” [Exclusive Premiere]

- Jan 24, 2019 at 08:59AM
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Due out on January 25th via Som Squad Records, and available for pre-order right here, we’re thrilled to be exclusively debuting Something Left, the new full-length album from Geneva, Switzerland-based noise pop quartet, Cold Bath. The new offering is the band’s sophomore recording and is rich with rock, a dichotomy of soft and loud noises, and themes of ambiguity, absurdity, and rebirth.

Speaking of the heavy themes and sounds, the group left us with some thoughts:

“‘Something Left’ mainly talks about everyday changes and living in the moment without judging whether it’s bad or good. There is something to learn in every experience, in every moment. The album is partly inspired by an old Japanese comic book by Shigeru Mizuki called “NoNonBâÏ”. An old wise widow woman keeps telling traditional Japanese tales to an anxious dreamy boy. In every story, like in every song, you’ll find a little something for you to interpret the way you want it to and the way you listen to it, like the way we do, will change and evolve every time. From a song to another, you’ll travel through a unique sonic universe, a conscious blend of rock, dream pop and tight rythms.”

With that philosophical quote digested, it’s time to eat your way through the album!

These are not really “Common Days” we’re experiencing. Good thing we have this song to unwind with!

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