Talk Show Host - "Lost and Found" [Free Song Download]

- Aug 23, 2016 at 11:48AM
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As the legend goes, "two recovering punks and an indie rocker walk into a bar...." And the rest is history. This of course is in no way factual (or maybe it is) but what mattes is that you're here, reading this, and about to hear the song "Lost and Found" from Toronto, Canada's power-pop punk band, Talk Show Host. Taken from their latest 4-song EP, Perfectly Competent (released on May 22, 2016), "Lost and Found" is a perfect introduction to fun-but-serious group!

Said Chris, the band's singer and guitar player, about the song: "'Lost and Found' is one of a couple of songs in our repertoire in a weird time signature. Two of us are straight-ahead 4/4 punk rockers at heart so when Sean brought this awesome riff in we had to drill it until it lived in our bones. I still have to count it off in my head when we play it: onetwothreefourfivesix onetwothreefourfivesix. The lyrics, like most of our songs, start off being about one thing (Syrian refugees, this time) and end up being about a completely different thing. No one can ever guess what, though; not even me."

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