Tapout - "Muscles Unlimited" [Free Song Download]

- Nov 10, 2012 at 11:01AM
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Dude. Do you love comedy? What about heavy music? If so, then you're totally in the right spot. Enter Tapout, a partially satirical band whose songs are based around MMA and UFC fighting. Their debut release, Hit Machine, is a concept album of sorts about a fighter who becomes a champion just to lose it all in the end. I know, what you're thinking... "that is awesome!" Well, it is! So beef yourself up with this free download of the band's gnarly song "Muscles Unlimited".

Formed in 2010, Tapout is comprised of members of Faceless Hulk and Norris, a pair of local metal ensembles that have obtained near-legendary status with Thunder Bay crowds. Their songs on their new album Hit Machine shift between slow, heavy songs and faster, more upbeat hardcore numbers; the arrangement of which does an excellent job at keeping the listener interested. Check this album out if you've ever sat there and wondered what a cage match between Pantera and Hatebreed would sound like.

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