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THE ACCENTS’s New Double-Single Will Put You in a “Moodboy” [Exclusive Premiere]

- May 21, 2018 at 03:01PM
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It’s Monday and while for many that might signify a return to the grind, it also means more new music! Today, we’re stoked to debut the ambient and hazy new Moodboy double-single from Toronto duo, The Accents. The electro-indie/pop group -- consisting of vocalist Mathijs Kriebel and producer Richard Weller -- plan on issuing a full-length studio recording in September and are leveraging the new tracks to tie fans over. The chill n’ vibey songs, “Mood” and “Because of You” (acronym ‘boy’ hence “Moodboy”), follow previous singles “Twenty Rooms” and “Ease Your Mind”.

When recently chatting with the artists, they commented on the new release, saying: “Moodboy’ has to do when you first truly and genuinely connect with someone. Someone who takes you through a whole range of emotions. You feel everything in full contrast, from the highs, to the lows, and everything in between.”

Should you want, the tunes are also available via Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Linkfire.

Moodboy Teaser Video:

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