The Chronicles of Israfel - "Violet Empress (Last Love)" [Free Song Download]

- Dec 16, 2016 at 10:32AM
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We previously featured this band's ridiculous, 7 minute and 41 second song "I Remember", and today we get to offer up a free download of The Chronicles of Israfel's track, "Violet Empress (Last Love)"! Taken from the Montreal, Québec-based band's new album, A Trillion Lights, Tome II, which dropped on October 15, 2016, "Violet Empress (Last Love)" is yet another perfect example of this group's ability to from melodic to heavy to off-kilter in a heartbeat.

The solo project of guitarist/vocalist Dominic Cifarelli (former guitar player for Pulse Ultra (Atlantic Records)), The Chronicles of Israfel's abilities are awe-inspiring and the band's latest 13-tracks offering boasts everything from progressive metal with incredible guitars to symphonic, and from melodic to cinematic musical elements.

A Trillion Lights, Tome II Track Listing:

01. Colors Of The Energy Construct (2:03)
02. Goddamned (3:52)
03. I Remember (7:41)
04. Nightmare (3:17)
05. Spirit Carousel ft. Bekki Friesen (4:07)
06. Life I Know (4:55)
07. In Ruins (5:57)
08. Hatred In My Heart (4:18)
09. Violet Empress (Last Love) (5:13)
10. Greet The Sun (3:49)
11. A Trillion Lights (5:36)
12. Incendia (2:15)
13. The Turning Of The Heavens (12:38)

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