The Cryptkeeper Five - "MadDog 20/20 no. 2" [Free Song Download]

- Sep 27, 2017 at 10:17PM
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We got a free song download from The Cryptkeeper Five, or as they are sometimes known The CK5, for their track titled "MadDog 20/20 no. 2"! And with a name like The Cryptkeeper Five, you know you don't want to fuck with these guys! The band is celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year and hail from Trenton, New Jersey. Their musical stylings are a little bit difficult to pinpoint, but they've been compared to Against Me!, The Dropkick Murphys, The Misfits, A Gaslight Anthem and The Menzingers in the past. They have toured nationally for fifteen years now and just released their eighth album The Stronghold.

Regarding "MadDog 20/20 no. 2", the band commented, "MadDog 20/20 is song celebrating the struggle... the search for and eventual findings of life's silver linings. It's about trying to find happiness in the journey, even when the finish line isn't even in field of one's sight."

So, start downloading of The Cryptkeeper will be coming for you....

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