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THE DEAD CENTURIES Streaming New Single "Attack of the Mutant" Featuring Jeff Tremblett [Exclusive Premiere]

- Jan 03, 2018 at 12:40PM
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Ottawa, Ontario-based instrumental progressive metal band The Dead Centuries are further teasing their upcoming debut album, Race Against Time, with a stream of the new single "Attack of the Mutant". The song, which also features a guest spot by Jeff Tremblett, can be heard below, while the album can be pre-ordered here. Race Against Time drops on January 26th.

Citing Protest The Hero, Periphery, Paul Gilbert, Sithu Aye and Intervals as their main influences, The Dead Centuries retain a familiar sound while also offering up something which they can call their own. Technically precise instrumental progressive metal with a focus on virtuosity, melody, and composition results in some fun stuff and stellar shreds.

Commenting on the album, guitarist Adam Tremblett said, “'Attack of the Mutant' is the heaviest song of the album thus far, using down tuned guitar and bass along with dissonant harmony to give the feeling of tension throughout the introduction. This tension is then resolved by a melodic, upbeat chorus which leads into another heavy section, followed by a guitar solo, and the album’s first guest solo. The song ends with several heavy parts, with the final section building into an extremely dissonant broken 'computer' sounding part.”

Crank it up, then hit play on "Attack of the Mutant"!

Hear the previous single "Overdrive" as well.

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