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THE GREAT SABATINI Unleash Some Sludge with Stream of "The Ear Collector" [Exclusive Premiere]

- Aug 10, 2016 at 03:59PM
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Montreal, Québec's filthy sludge noisemakers, The Great Sabatini, have teamed up with Toronto, Ontario's equally dirty band, Godstopper, to create a slew of sexy new sounds for a 6-track split EP. Due out via No List Records on August 19th, 2016, the split - available digitally and on cassette (pre-order here) - will have fans of all things sludge, noise and so forth, foaming at the mouth for more. Check out The Great Sabatini's song "The Ear Collector".

The Great Sabatini / Godstopper Split Track Listing:

01. The Great Sabatini - "I’m Not the Man of the Hour" (2:09)
02. The Great Sabatini - "Shortwave Radio" (1:03)
03. The Great Sabatini - "The Ear Collector" (2:31)
04. The Great Sabatini - "Dog Years (Quiet)" (2:51)
05. Godstopper - "It’s Alright" (3:59)
06. Godstopper - "A Prayer" (4:47)

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