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There’s Zero “Trial & Error” Here. Just Stream CON ETIQUETTE’s New Song Now! [Exclusive Premiere]

- Nov 28, 2018 at 11:04AM
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Following up their December 22, 2017, three-song EP, The Company We Keep, which you can find on Bandcamp, iTunes, and other usual suspects, Manhattan, Connecticut-based Con Etiquette have returned with a new single! The track “Trial and Error,” which we’re delighted to be unveiling to the musically-hungry masses, sees the alternative, post-rock quartet continuing to deliver the high-energy rock blend for which they’ve become known. The first of several new one-off singles, the future continues to shine brightly on this budding band.

We know, we know... here’s the new “Trial and Error” single already. Sheesh. So pushy!

Speaking of the new tune, the group was kind enough to share their some exclusive thoughts, noting: “‘Trial and Error’ is a song about a realization of the importance of focusing on the things in life that you have control over and letting go of the things that you don’t, in order to maintain inner peace.”

Con Etiquette have one other burning question for you... “Et Tu, Brute?”

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