Unholy Baptism - "Staring Into the Black" [Free Song Download]

- Jul 03, 2017 at 12:57PM
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On March 10th, 2017, the Flagstaff, Arizona-based black metal two-piece that is Unholy Baptism released their full-length studio recording ...On the Precipice of the Ancient Abyss via Bandcamp. Featuring eleven songs heavily influenced by early Norwegian black metal, you'll also hear influences such as doom, depressive and ambient black metal.

We recently partnered with the band to offer a free download of their single "Staring Into the Black" of which Mantus commented: "'Staring into the Black', more than any other track from our first full-length album - ...On the Precipice of the Ancient Abyss - is representative of the left-hand path and the search for a higher truth outside of the mundane and irrelevant life we live on this earth. The universe is seemingly infinite, and secrets both terrifying and glorious await us in equal measure. Only when we shed this mortal shell can we truly understand the majesty of the worlds beyond."

...On the Precipice of the Ancient Abyss Track Listing:

01. Bitter Winds (So Cold)
02. Wall of Silence
03. Descent of Eternal Sorrow
04. Staring into the Black
05. Bathed in the Unholy Fire
06. Return to the Fields of Eternity
07. For the Glory of Satan
08. Four Lords
09. Shadow of Death
10. Upon the Shadow Throne
11. Outro: The Oceans are Never Silent

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