Venture into the ‘Eye Of The Storm’ on ONE GUN SHY’s New Album [Exclusive Premiere]

- Jul 05, 2018 at 05:02PM
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Tomorrow, Friday, July 6th, Seattle rockers One Gun Shy will issue their heavy new eleven-track studio recording, Eye Of The Storm, to unsuspecting fans everywhere. So, what better way to celebrate than by A. getting your pre-order on right here, then B. streaming the entire new album?? That’s right, we’ve got the exclusive first listen of the group’s third release and it’s pretty damn rad!

Released via both Momma Lynn Records and Lime & Dime Records, the band and album are part of the resurgence of hard rock in the town that gave us all things grunge. We could easily continue to dish out praise but we’ll leave you with a note from the guys, then the stream itself so you can make your own decision... though we think you’ll be agreeing with us.

Speaking of the new album and upcoming activities, One Gun Shy collectively noted:

“The band is premiering the new album which is released worldwide on July 6th. This is the third album release from the band in which our new video ‘Eye Of The Storm’ is first title single and has been playing for about two months. Second single/video is ‘Constellation’ and will drop soon. Just finished recording third single video ‘Let’. South America and Greece seem to like the single as well as most parts of the USA!”

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