VEXES - "Helion" [Free Song Download]

- Feb 21, 2018 at 04:51PM
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Sheeeettttt! For those down with the atmospheric heaviness, this is VEXES! The New Jersey-based quartet have an experimental metal sound that's going to be gobbled up by fans of groups the likes of Deftones, Thrice, Cave In, Circa Survive, and Blindside. Not to say VEXES simply apes those acts, similarities aside, they bring their own angle to the table and, considering the group boasts former members of A Life Once Lost, Vessl and Fury Of Five, you know you're getting some quality musicianship.

The group's debut album, Ancient Geometry, drops on Friday, February 23rd (pre-orders up here!) and today, in celebration of the new tunes, we're pleased to offer up the band's single (and one of their heavier jams) "Helion" for free download!

Guitarist John Klagholz previously commented on the track, noting: "'Helion' was the first song we wrote together as a band, and basically encompasses everything that we want to hear in our music, both rhythmically and dynamically. From a lyrical standpoint, Charlie wrote it from the viewpoint of attempting to escape your own consciousness, as if your mind was the very thing making you sick, keeping you from making vital changes, etc. Almost as if it was from the view of a hypochondriac."

Ancient Geometry Track Listing:

01. Helion
02. Lift
03. Decisions Are Death Here
04. Plasticine
05. No Color (feat. Mikey Carvajal of Islander)
06. Terra
07. Lush
08. Meridian Response
09. Photochrom
10. Ancient Geometry

Since you're here, be sure to also check out the single "Plasticine".

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