Vince Grant - "Oceans II" [Free Song Download]

- May 18, 2016 at 02:37PM
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Vince Grant is a singer-songwriter who, with his heart-warming acoustic rock, is shedding some light on depression, a major illness in the United Sates with some 12 million annual reports of episodes of anxiety and/or depression. Armed with his guitar and voice, Grant's song "Oceans II" - for which we're hosting this free download - is just one example of how this musician is helping to shine light on the shadows of depression.

Said the artist about the song and illness: "I’ve suffered from depression my whole life. Really can't recall a time I haven’t been depressed, even as a kid. In more joyful moments, I was and still am aware of the specter of the disease lurking in the shadows, hovering around me and waiting to pounce at any moment. It’s an unnerving way to live. After years of painful confusion I was placed on psychiatric drugs and later diagnosed as being bipolar. I took these medications for quite some time and during the last four years of treatment was on three different psych meds per day. During this period I was also self medicating by drinking heavily and using various street drugs as well as abusing my prescription medications."

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