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VISIGOTH Will "Outlive Them All" with Stream of Latest Track

- Jan 17, 2018 at 10:30PM
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Salt Lake City's traditional metal champions Visigoth has released "Outlive Them All," another new track off of their sophomore album Conqueror's Oath. Visigoth as a band stands in staunch opposition to any notion of reinventing the wheel or redefining the genre with their music. Instead, they dedicate themselves to carrying on the tradition of heavy metal, writing songs that are inspired by the band members' favourite records. Conqueror's Oath features eight new anthems of pure metal magic guaranteed to give any metal fan what they want and need. The band once again recorded with engineer extraordinaire Andy Patterson (Subrosa, Deathblow, Dreadnought) over the course of one intense month.

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