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We’ve Got a Hard “Velvet Crush” on PRIMAL STATIC’s Palpitating New Electronic-Tinged Rock Sounds [Exclusive Premiere]

- Feb 14, 2019 at 11:00AM
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Hopefully you’ve deduced that this article is all about a song called “Velvet Crush”, not some horrendous pop drink... or is it soda pop? The latest track from Austin duo Primal Static sees the girl/guy pair (keyboardist/bassist HouFei and vocalist/guitarist G.T.) retain their bluesy rock sound but infuse the hell out of it with pulsating post-punk, and some electronic flair for good measure. Lifted from the Texan’s forthcoming EP, The Corrupting of the Revolution, it’s tough to avoid the tune, a far cry from the soft, gravelling haunt of our free download of “To Live Free”.

Speaking of the new single the twosome noted, “‘Velvet Crush’ shows the ambition and boldness that is Primal Static: a rock band that pushes boundaries with every song, each having its own distinctive personality. Starting with the fearlessly hypnotic keyboard riff that swirls around the explosive call for action lyrics, as receivers of the muse ‘Velvet Crush’ knocked us out!”

Here it is, a healthy dose of sugary “Velvet Crush”.

Tour Dates:

03/07 - Leftwoods - Amarillo, TX
03/08 - Downtown Social LBK, TX
03/16 - Studio 18 - Farmington, NM
03/21 - Firecreek Coffee Company - Flagstaff, AZ
03/22 - The Lunchbox - Phoenix, AZ
03/28 - Dipiazza's - Long Beach, CA
03/30 - The Redwood Bar & Grill - Los Angeles, CA
04/06 - The Silver Orange - Sacramento, CA
04/11 - WOW Hall - Eugene, OR
04/13 - Central Saloon - Seattle, WA
04/18 - Loading Dock - Salt Lake City, UT
04/19 - Why Sound - Logan, UT
04/20 - The Rad Shack - Provo, UT

By the end of this song you’ll be telling it, I “Need You So Bad.”

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