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When You Wish Upon a Blackstar, You Get THE QEMISTS’ Remix of CELLDWELLER’s “I Can’t Wait” [Exclusive Premiere]

- Sep 13, 2018 at 03:00PM
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Detroit, Michigan-based electronic rock artist, producer, and sound designer Klayton, also known as Celldweller, is back with a high energy remix from The Qemists for the iconic track “I Can’t Wait.” The Qemists have amassed a large global following with their genre-mashing approach which previously scored them a number one album in Japan and has seen them play in front of half a million people in Poland. “I Can’t Wait” (The Qemists Remix) is the second single from the new Celldweller release, Remixed Upon A Blackstar, due for release this fall. You can purchase The Qemists’ remix right here.

The title of the album is, of course, a play on Celldweller’s famed 2012 sophomore record Wish Upon A Blackstar. This will be a full-length remix album that has been in the works for portions of the last several years. Remixed Upon A Blackstar is heavily focused on Klayton’s love and admiration of drum & bass and aggressive EDM subgenres.

Aside from The Qemists, Klayton enlisted an impressive list of talent to help produce the album, including Neonlight, Au5, Gydra, Sebastian Komor, Biometrix, Voicians, Raizer, 3D Stas, Formal One, The Anix, and Fury Weekend.

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