WHOOP-Szo - "Mirror North" [Free Song Download]

- May 11, 2015 at 10:58PM
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Talk about unique band names... WHOOP-Szo is a gnarly little band from both Guelph and London, Ontario. The group is currently signed to Out of Sound Records and play a combination of, as they put it, true-psyche, post-metal, sludge, and folk. More details below, but first check out a free download of the WHOOP-Szo's new track "Mirror North."

As states the band about the track: "The A-side of our new 7" record 'Mirror North' is a song bearing truths; delicate, fragile, but still overtly pummelling... with a beckoning phrase 'Maybe I'm scared' running the length of the song. Running at well over 6:00 min per side, this 7" captures a band in a single room; ocean, old cabin, blueberry hill, bear shit and all."

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