Aaron Willschick

Aaron Willschick

Editor, President (Toronto, ON, Canada)
- Hey all, I’ve been the President of PureGrainAudio since it started all the way back in the early spring of 2005. What started as a hobby to help expose myself to some new music has turned into pretty much a second job. I love rock music, particularly alternative and hard rock, but mostly I just love good music. It could be blues rock, acoustic, classic, it just has to be good!
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Leicestershire, UK rock n’ roll band, The Nile Deltas like to do things their way. They could be described as a “song” band and they have a brand new music video for “Don’t Play With Me,” off their new Life EP.
on Jan 16, 2019
Hungarian garage rock quartet, Ivan & The Parazol have got a lot going on these days with their new album Exotic Post-Traumatic off which we’re premiering the second single, “Changin’!”
on Jan 11, 2019
We’re stoked to premiere a stream of “Babel” by YERÛŠELEM, a project of Vindsval and W.D. Feld (Blut Aus Nord), off their upcoming Feb 2019 Debemur Morti Productions album, The Sublime.
on Dec 19, 2018
One band will survive over all others! Yep, that's right, Wacken Metal Battle Canada is back for its sixth year and this is your reminder that submissions close on December 21st!
on Dec 17, 2018
Brian Kroll and My Son The Bum, maybe the funniest band name ever, are in the "holiday spirit" with the video for "Flight Deck (for Christmas)."
on Dec 17, 2018
Welcome to Planet B! We are pleased to present to you today an exclusive track-by-track rundown of this eclectic musical act’s new self-titled album, right from the mouths of the duo themselves, Justin Pearson and Luke Henshaw.
on Dec 13, 2018
Punk band Peter118 are giving you a bunch of "Money & Lies" (not literally, figuratively) with their new song and accompanying music video.
on Dec 12, 2018
London, Ontario band Texas King asked the questions and Royal Tusk's bassist Sandy MacKinnon and singer Daniel Carriere were nice enough to provide the answers in this special artist-on-artist interview.
on Dec 10, 2018
Columbus, Ohio four-piece The Candescents have released the music video for “Drink To Paradise,” the lead single from their second EP Grass, which is due out in early 2019.
on Dec 07, 2018
In this special guest blog, 23-year-old Minneapolis, Minnesota-born alt artist, Call Me Karizma, forgets about music for a moment to reflect on his lifelong struggles with mental health and how he copes on a day-to-day basis.
on Dec 06, 2018
Toronto’s indie rock quartet, The High Loves are raising “Serotonin” levels with a free download of their pulsing single of the same name.
on Dec 05, 2018
Mattituck, New York rockers The Crushing Violets recently released their sophomore album Ghost Fields and, as a treat, we’re offering a free download of one of their standout tracks, “Bare Trees.”
on Nov 21, 2018
UK rockers The 109’s have just released their new video for current single "The Pound," off of their new record Hollow Point.
on Nov 20, 2018
The four-man project known as Dead at 27 have released their new single "Envy" and are intent on ending the year off with a bang, with another single due soon as well as some live tour dates.
on Nov 16, 2018
As part of our Pumping Metal series, we spoke with bassist Guy “Chuck” Checkarov of the London post-hardcore band Jack The Envious, about his love of fitness and exercise, and how he likes to stay active.
on Nov 14, 2018
We're bringing you a double shot of new songs from Bedfordshire's Gun Runners, with "Save Our Souls" and the title track from their new EP Brothers.
on Nov 08, 2018
South Birmingham’s Van Rockman's Honeybus has released a new song and accompanying video for "Poppy Fields" in honor of Remembrance Day.
on Nov 07, 2018
In our latest edition of Stereo Six, we learned about some of the music that inspired the writing and recording of hip-hop/indie duo Four Fists’ new record 6666.
on Nov 05, 2018
In this Geared Up interview we spoke with Alex Paul, guitarist for the Manchester, New Hampshire instrumental post-rock group Girih, about his Electro-Harmonix HOG.
on Nov 03, 2018
Leicestershire rock trio Dig Lazarus are a very animated trio with their latest lyric video for "Tell Me Why.”
on Nov 02, 2018


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