Amanda Stauffer

Amanda Stauffer

Photographer (Enola, PA, USA)
- Amanda is a concert photographer from Harrisburg, PA who has a passion for creativity and making art with others. She is a part-time barista and wedding photographer. Amanda started shooting in the photo pit in 2016 and loves metal, post-hardcore, pop-punk, alternative, and most importantly, any music from a Legend of Zelda game.
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Club XL saw the largest crowd it’s seen to date, and All Time Low certainly delivered an energized and memorable show. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania fans w…
By on Feb 09, 2020
Chaotic, kinetic and stimulating; It wouldn’t be a classic Counterparts show otherwise. Accompanied by Stray From The Path, the two leaders in hardco…
By on Nov 27, 2019
Jimmy Eat World made a stop in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania at The Capitol Room at HMAC, along with Pronoun, and their hardcore fans turned out in droves…
By on Nov 22, 2019
State Champs carried on with their “Living Proof” tour at Baltimore Soundstage where they performed a hugely energetic, and near flawless performance,…
By on Mar 23, 2019
Light some fire, cover yourself in neon yellow duct tape, rig up some seriously killer lighting and you’ll have yourself a Twenty One Pilots show. Jo…
By on Nov 10, 2018


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