Bruce Moore

Bruce Moore

Senior Writer (Mechanicsville, VA, USA)
- Host of Brutally Delicious. Freelance Music Writer. Author. Video Editor. Audio Engineer.
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7 / 10

If you are a fan of behind-the-scenes info and/or you are a sick and twisted voyeur of sorts, than this book is for you.
By on Feb 04, 2018
It is hard to believe that after 34 years Anthrax, the NYC-based thrash metal pioneers, are still performing and releasing records.
By on Feb 01, 2018

7.5 / 10

If you are a fan of well-produced, ass kicking rock and roll than Viva La Rock is for you.
By on Feb 01, 2018

7 / 10

Pacifisticuffs is a phenomenally creative record, albeit a bit obscure but with playing that will absolutely blow your mind; this is one talented grou…
By on Jan 31, 2018

8 / 10

No matter what the tempo though, Sweet’s vocals rise to the occasion and are the perfect complement to Lynch's riffing.
By on Dec 13, 2017

7 / 10

Tero Ikäheimonen weaves together a timeline that reads almost like a blackened family tree.
By on Dec 12, 2017
We were recently afforded the opportunity to speak candidly with the legendary Canadian musician Matthew Good, and it was fantastic.
By on Dec 07, 2017
In this touching episode of Rock Heart, Adam Gontier and Mike Mushok of Saint Asonia, share two stories about how their music has impacted the lives…
By on Nov 27, 2017
On this episode of Tales of Touring Terror, the guys in Epica tell us a tale about a nasty slip on some rocks and having to keep pushing on despite t…
By on Nov 26, 2017
On this new episode of Brutally Delicious, the world's most metal cooking show, the guys in the Chicago, IL punk act The Mons share their secret reci…
By on Nov 22, 2017
The Acacia Strain share a new Gear Gone Wild story about a super-nervous sound guy which is pretty darn funny.
By on Nov 16, 2017
Technical death metal band, Decrypted, teach us how to make a traditional English Breakfast with their own twist on a local favorite, Beans on Toast.…
By on Nov 15, 2017

10 / 10

The quality of this DVD (which also comes in Blu-ray) is fantastic, and the band is in top form as soon as the first note of “Black Sabbath” shakes t…
By on Nov 09, 2017
Our friends in the Finnish groove metal act Profane Omen dropped a hilarious shout-out video to PureGrainAudio. Thanks, Guys!
By on Nov 09, 2017

8.5 / 10

This film chronicling the rise of arguably one of the most influential hardcore acts ever, Bad Brains, is extremely entertaining and enlightening.
By on Nov 08, 2017
We're starting season 3 of Brutally Delicious with a bang! The burly boys in sludge metal act Maharaja walk us through their own unique take on pizza…
By on Nov 08, 2017

7 / 10

Boy George is a fantastic front man and the band is so tight and on point that I was hooked for the rest of the 87 minute performance.
By on Nov 06, 2017
On this episode of Tales Of Touring Terror, we hear from Silverstein about a shitty, muddy night and the disastrous events that followed.
By on Nov 03, 2017
For the inaugural episode of our new series, Go To Hell!, which asks bands to tackle pet peeves, annoyances, and all around douchebaggery, we connect…
By on Nov 03, 2017
Season 3 of Brutally Delicious, the world's heaviest cooking show, is ready to rock! Join us as we heat up the kitchen and electrify your taste buds.…
By on Nov 01, 2017


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