Bruce Moore

Bruce Moore

Senior Writer (Mechanicsville, VA, USA)
- Host of Brutally Delicious. Freelance Music Writer. Author. Video Editor. Audio Engineer.
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“The stage is a great leveler. It is the true yard-stick by which an artist can be measured.” These are the words of Steve Alex, frontman of the rock…
By on Aug 18, 2005
Eighties hair metal band Stryper has announced that they will be recording a new studio record in 2005 this will be the bands first full-length studi…
By on Aug 08, 2005
Singer Songwriter Michael Tolcher is finishing up a nationwide tour with pop group Hansen but that is not slowing him down. He will be entering the n…
By on Aug 08, 2005
“You feed people shitty ground beef for awhile, they forget the taste of steak. The media in general is such a disappointment that I have removed mys…
By on Aug 07, 2005


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