Catherine Fearns

Catherine Fearns

Journalist (Geneva, Switzerland)
- Writer, metalhead, mum-of-four, guitar nerd. Plotting world domination with my one-woman grindcore project.
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Full of Hell return with their new full-length, Weeping Choir, via Relapse Records and it is genuinely terrifying. Weeping Choir is an absolute nightmare, and that’s what makes it so brilliant.
on May 14, 2019
We spoke at length with Lisa Voisard, lead vocalist of the technical death metal band Anachronism, about the group, their beginnings, and absolutely stunning album, Orogeny, out since July, 2018.
on Mar 05, 2019
Due March 8th via Nuclear Blast, Hexed, the eagerly-anticipated tenth studio album from Children of Bodom, rings out with the inherent playfulness and reckless energy of the Finnish melodeath legends.
on Mar 04, 2019
Catherine Fearns chats with Christophe Godin, frontman of French progressive jazz-rock-metallers MÖRGLBL, about a range of issues, including their new album The Story Of Scott Rötti, and Christophe’s life as a guitar teacher at the École des Musiques Actuelles.
on Feb 22, 2019
With their first anthology, One, new Leeds, UK-based digital black metal label Cult of Osiris have succeeded in demonstrating that new bands from the black metal underground can hold their own against established players.
on Jan 23, 2019
On their second full-length, Earthbeat, due via Tenacity Music, Switzerland’s Colossus Fall successfully manage to combine progressive metal’s discordant experimentalism and sludge’s filthy riffs with the infectious, driving urgency of hardcore.
on Jan 07, 2019
It’s not an easy task to create uplifting hardcore music, but CardiaC undoubtedly achieve just that. Their latest offering, Mañana No Serà Otro Día Igual, via Tenacity Music, is bone-crunchingly heavy throughout, and the driving energy never lets up.
on Dec 05, 2018
To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Eluveitie’s Slania is being re-released via Nuclear Blast; it’s a welcome opportunity to appreciate a band that are an important part of Switzerland’s musical identity.
on Nov 20, 2018
Geneva trio Cortez combine noise with precision to create an absolute monster of a metal album. No More Conqueror is an unrelenting explosion of controlled anger, with unusual riffs, complex drumming and breathless energy all underpinned by massive production values.
on Nov 12, 2018
With their third full-length release, Promethee have pulled out all the stops. Convalescence (Lifeforce Records) is another great example of Swiss ingenuity and deserves to garner the band plenty of international attention.
on Sep 15, 2018
Hailing from Basel, Switzerland, we spoke with members of noise rock band Asbest about their new album Driven, transgenderism, gender equality and more.
on Sep 12, 2018
Slay Duggee and their spin on heavy metal directed at young children may not be for everyone, but the band has brought a much needed lighthearted mood to the genre. We learn more about what this intriguing act is all about.
on Sep 10, 2018

7.5 / 10

Other than lines such as “All I wanted was to be warm and noticed”, The Rogue To Nowhere contains little about Jason’s music; this is all about the drugs, girls and addiction. A stand-out memoir from a musician who has spent much of his career in the background.
on Jul 24, 2018
And All Will Be Desolation, the second full-length release by Allfather, who hail from Kent in the UK, is a rallying cry and a targeted piece of aggression.
on Jul 07, 2018

7.5 / 10

At times beautiful and profound, Coldbound’s The Gale undoubtedly achieves what it sets out to do, providing a journey into mental health that is soundtracked by emotionally intense melodic death metal.
on Jun 16, 2018

8.5 / 10

When a concept album works, it really works, and Tremonti’s brave artistic vision has resulted in a hard rock showcase of the highest quality. The book will be a must-read, too.
on Jun 07, 2018
Kess’khtak have undoubtedly developed their own unique sound of beastly deathgrind, but they form part of a proud Geneva extreme metal tradition which stretches back more than twenty years. Their new record, Unwritten Rules Prevail, is out now via Art Gates Records.
on May 31, 2018
Thrashist Regime have packed their second album Carnival Of Monsters with songs about the A-Team, X-COM, zombies, ants invading Antarctica… and a breathtaking array of riffs and solos.
on May 14, 2018
Zatokrev frontman Frederyk Rotter discusses his band’s gnarly live show, all things noise, the re-release of their self-titled album, and the music scene in Basel, Switzerland.
on May 01, 2018
We spoke with Power Trip frontman Riley Gale about the Texan crossover thrashers’ Southern Lord release, Nightmare Logic, the fate of humankind, and upcoming Adult Swim single.
on Apr 21, 2018


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