Christopher Gonda

Christopher Gonda

Publisher, CEO (Toronto, ON, Canada)
- One day back in 2005, I got drunk with a friend and we decided to stop working on our then-active socio-political website, but continue to do something in the world of web. Heavy music was one of our common interests and within a few months, PureGrainAudio was born. What began as a hobby has grown into way more than we could have ever expected. Now, all we want is global media domination. Full stop.
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Let us introduce you to the music of the female-fronted symphonic power metal group Norwald with a free song download of their sweet new single, “Khelmet and Hakko”.
on Jan 16, 2019
STOP! what you’re doing.... we’ve got a special one for you today, with the premiere of “Schluss,” the latest track from Swiss noise rock duo, Bunkr.
on Jan 15, 2019
Instrumental jam band Lotus lent us two of their members to list the six most influential songs and albums that helped inspire their newest record, Frames Per Second.
on Jan 14, 2019
Recently celebrating their twentieth year together, funk/dance seven-piece The Motet have released a definitive classic to add to their already impressive catalogue; today we’re premiering the new jam, “Highly Compatible”!
on Jan 11, 2019
El Paso, Texas-based indie rock quartet, Great Shapes have released an infectious new song titled “I-10” and we have the accompanying music video’s exclusive premiere for you today!
on Jan 10, 2019
To give you something extremely exclusive, and unique to only industrial metal band Porn, the French musicians listed their Top 10 most controversial, or racy, music videos from artists they love.
on Jan 10, 2019
Intrigued by South Florida brother and sister duo The Haunt, we spoke to Maxamillion Haunt about their beginnings, debut EP, elaborate and original music videos, plus their recent tour with Palaye Royale.
on Jan 09, 2019
Alternative/electro/rock is a difficult combination of genres to get right, but SINE does just that on their debut album, INSOMNIÆ. Check out our exclusive premiere and full album stream today!
on Jan 09, 2019
Denver-based punk/hardcore quartet, Hellgrammites are back with a new album entitled Feral, due out on January 11th, and we’ve got your exclusive premiere of the three new tunes!
on Jan 09, 2019
In a special guest blog, Californian rockers The Silent Comedy offer an inside look at the photography and packaging included with the masterful piece of artistic creation that is their new record, Enemies Multiply.
on Jan 08, 2019
With the premiere of their video for lead single “Neil Harvey”, we’re celebrating the January 15th release of Psycho Social Sexual, the new album from Columbus, Ohio’s underground gothic art rocking duo, After-Death Plan.
on Jan 08, 2019
Crank up your preferred audio devices and get a load of “When The Profit Kills”, the lead single from the forthcoming Browbeat album, Remove The Control, due March 1st via Indelirium Records.
on Jan 08, 2019
Hull, UK-based minimal electronic music producer, Dom Sith, under the moniker God Is 7, is kicking off your weekend with a new version of his recent “7 INC” single!
on Jan 05, 2019
Southern Californian pirate-themed metal band, Me and The Captain, have gone “Psycho” on their new single and cover song which features Adrian Estrella of pop-punk/easycore act Assuming We Survive.
on Jan 04, 2019
As we close out 2018 and gear up for a productive, fun-filled and LOUD 2019, we’re stoked to help Pittsburgh, PA-based rockers, Jack Swing, their music video for the new single “Monkey Around”!
on Dec 31, 2018
Piines is a Toronto-based ambient rock band who are trying to make everyone’s holiday season a little more bearable with the release of their new three song EP, “Out in the Grey”, and a corresponding music video for their single, “Soaked”.
on Dec 21, 2018
“Welcome 2 Neverland,” and the world of Swiss metallers Almøst Human with the exclusive premiere of their new single and visualizer video.
on Dec 21, 2018
To learn more about the innovative instrumentation and ancient Greek instruments at work on Dead Waves’ new album, God of the Wild, we conducted a Geared Up interview with one-half of the duo, bassist Teddy Panopoulos.
on Dec 19, 2018
It’s “For The Greater Good” that you check out our latest free download from Brooklyn, hard rock band, The Rooftop Rebellion.
on Dec 18, 2018
We’re packing some serious Greek Fire today and offering you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the St. Louis-based group’s latest music video for their single, “The Ride.”
on Dec 18, 2018


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