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- Raised in Missouri’s rugged Ozark Mountains and on Florida’s sunny Space Coast, Christopher Long is a best-selling author, show biz analyst, award-winning musician, entertainer, radio host and missionary. Known for his conversational, common sense writing style, Long has been called everything from “a pathetic loser” to “the most interesting man in the world.”
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It was precisely the right record at precisely the right time. Released June 20th, 1989, the smash album from Faith No More, The Real Thing, still bites down hard enough to draw blood, or at least hard enough to leave a nasty gash.
on Jun 16, 2019
An amazing 15 years after its initial U.S. release (June 15, 2004, via Island), Hot Fuss, the debut slab from Vegas-bred rock darlings, The Killers, remains fresh and fun — easily the sweetest seduction in the band’s celebrated catalog.
on Jun 09, 2019
Celebrating its 25th anniversary this week (June 7, 1994), Stone Temple Pilot’s sophomore set, Purple, remains an important, fresh and vibrant record — possibly the strongest in the band’s impressive catalog.
on Jun 02, 2019
Doll Skin drummer, Meghan Herring, speaks openly about her passion for music and the realities of life on the road, as well as dishing on her band’s upcoming Hopeless Records album Love Is Dead And We Killed Her and U.S. summer tour with punk/pop kingpins, New Found Glory.
on May 28, 2019
It was 45 years ago this month (May 1974), when the fledgling progressive British band, UFO released one of its quintessential studio sets, Phenomenon via Chrysalis Records. And it just might remain the band’s strongest work to date.
on May 26, 2019
Dismissed frequently for being a disco record, “Dynasty” was EXACTLY the album that KISS needed at that time it was released — May 23, 1979. 40 years later, it stands tall as an impressive ROCK record.
on May 19, 2019
For those who remember first hearing the debut Weezer record, when it was new, get ready — you’re about to feel a good bit older. The landmark set was released via DGC 25 years ago this past week (May 10, 1994).
on May 12, 2019
35 years following its initial release (out May 10, 1984 via Atlantic), Stay Hungry remains an important record for Twisted Sister and fans alike — still packing a punch and pissing off the neighbors as much as ever.
on May 05, 2019
While not known as widely as their more radio-friendly releases, 45 years on, Secret Treaties (Columbia) remains an important and well-respected entry in the impeccable Blue Öyster Cult catalogue.
on Apr 28, 2019
It seems like yesterday, but it was 30 years ago this week (4.24.89) when Tom Petty dropped his classic solo set, Full Moon Fever, via MCA. And it remains a much-loved crown jewel of his iconic catalog.
on Apr 21, 2019
Lynyrd Skynyrd’s sophomore set, Second Helping (MCA), oozes ALL thriller and NO filler. 45 years on, it remains a timeless testament to one of rock’s most endearing bands.
on Apr 14, 2019
Although The Offspring continue to enjoy massive success, Smash (Epitaph) still stands tall after 25 years as arguably the band’s quintessential set — a self-contained “Best Of” collection.
on Apr 07, 2019
35 years later, for die-hard fans of ‘80s arena rock, Out of the Cellar (Atlantic), the first full-length seduction from Ratt, remains massively memorable. And rightfully so.
on Mar 31, 2019
For those who still crave the classic street sounds of the beloved, golden L.A. rock scene, the latest from L.A. Guns, The Devil You Know (Frontiers Music), will likely be a 2019 must-have treasure.
on Mar 29, 2019
Released 40 years ago this week (3.23.79) via Warner Bros., Van Halen’s Van Halen II has remained fresh — from its crisp-looking, classic cover to its street-smart songs and stripped-down production.
on Mar 24, 2019
Celebrating a milestone anniversary, the eponymous 12-song collection from Mötley Crüe (1994, Elektra Records) demanded to be taken seriously. 25 years later, it stands tall and is well-deserving of that long-overdue respect.
on Mar 17, 2019
A full quarter century after its original release via A&M, Soundgarden’s Superunknown remains a blistering, cohesive, radio-ready offering — one brimming with Stonehenge-size riffs and often disturbing, dark messages.
on Mar 10, 2019
Released on March 1st, 1974, via Columbia Records, Aerosmith’s sophomore set, Get Your Wings, has withstood the test of time quite nicely since its initial release 45 years ago this week — still standing tall among some of rock’s greatest records.
on Mar 03, 2019

8.5 / 10

One of the marquee names from LA’s golden ‘80s era rock scene, JETBOY succeeds in delivering a blistering collection of delightfully nasty nut-busters on their new album, Born To Fly, out via Frontiers Music.
on Jan 29, 2019
Released via Rhino Records, the deluxe 30th anniversary edition of Skid Row’s platinum-selling self-titled 1989 debut certainly will be a must-have treasure for misfit kids from burned-out towns far and wide.
on Jan 26, 2019


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