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Damian FitzGerald

Writer (London, England, UK)
- Nerd, TV/film junkie and music enthusiast. For me nothing is better then drinking warm British lager listening to live music, be it in a hot sweaty venue or in a muddy field during festival season. Delighted to be bringing a British twist to PureGrainAudio!
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The Wildhearts returned to London and delivered exceptional set at Brixton Electric. With Towers of London and Massive Wagons along for the ride, they made this a nostalgic night to remember!
on May 15, 2019
Renaissance Men, out May 3rd via Graphite Records, is a fine return to form for The Wildhearts that will not disappoint older fans, whilst drawing in the younger generation and once again rejuvenating the Brit rock revolution.
on May 03, 2019
London’s exceptionally fancy Bush Hall was the setting for a sublime performance from musical trio The Lounge Kittens, promoting their new six-track EP, Have Another…... Opening the show was the double bass playing, observational comedy of Grant Sharkey.
on Apr 08, 2019
To say I, the Mask is great would be somewhat of an understatement; quite simply, it is a tremendous success for In Flames and enhances their already fine catalogue of music.
on Mar 02, 2019
Steel Panther transported the ecstatic crowd at London, UK’s The Roundhouse back to the ‘80s for a night full of inappropriate jokes, boobs, and good old-fashioned rock n’ roll. What more could one want on a Sunday before the reality of Monday morning comes around again?
on Feb 15, 2019

6.5 / 10

Millencolin deliver an enjoyable, but sadly underwhelming, album in SOS (Epitaph Records). It’s punk rock through and through, but beyond that, not much else.
on Feb 15, 2019
Rival Sons deliver a focused and well-produced album having perfected their craft over their 10-year career. Infusing heavy rock and blues, Feral Roots, the band’s sixth studio album, is a cocktail of the best elements that both genres have to offer.
on Jan 28, 2019
Jinjer are a band whose popularity is growing and, along with an incomparable style dialed in, there is a strong chance they will become one of metal’s future heavy hitters. Micro, out via Napalm Records, is just another step towards this.
on Jan 22, 2019
Life Sucks... Let’s Dance is ska-punk at its finest! Reel Big Fish have been at it for almost thirty years and, with this release via Rock Ridge Music, are clearly still at the top of their game.
on Jan 04, 2019
AFI guitarist Jade Puget shares his thoughts about the band’s new EP, The Missing Man, plus his dream collaborations, fighting Bob Dylan, and some other fun, random questions.
on Dec 14, 2018
[Spunge] hit London in the only way a punk band can with jokes, catchy tunes and a budget banner taking their support, Skaciety and the audience along for a fun filed ride.
on Dec 12, 2018
Brand New Breed (out now via Metalville) is a blast from the past and a delightful resurrection for Dog Eat Dog. If you were a fan of the band back in the day, this is an EP you need in your collection.
on Dec 11, 2018

7.5 / 10

All in all, this is a fine example of AFI’s talents and demonstrates the band’s ability to write crowd-pleasing music. The Missing Man is simply a taster, and this appetizer will leave you hungry for more!
on Dec 04, 2018
Classic industrial metal band Pitchshifter, along with Earthtone9, hit The Garage in London for a show that proved the fact that both bands’ music has stood the test of time.
on Nov 28, 2018

6.5 / 10

Conceptually, Confusion Species by Oxygen Thief is a thought-provoking stroke of genius, but it is far from the sort of album you can throw on in the background.
on Nov 26, 2018
Anti-Flag and Cancer Bats could easily fill larger venues off their own back, let alone playing together, so it was amazing to see them headline London’s intimate, and most iconic of gay nightclubs, Heaven.Worriers.
on Nov 08, 2018

7 / 10

For fans of [Spunge], the track is a nostalgic nod back to days past. Although you may have forgotten about them since Hang On? they have not gone away.
on Nov 01, 2018

8.5 / 10

You Me At Six have clearly bounced back from any setbacks, and believe me when I say that VI is well worth your time!
on Oct 12, 2018
With American Reckoning, Anti-Flag have ensured that those who are willing to listen to what they have to say can really hear the band’s views on the state of the world.
on Oct 06, 2018
Mia Klose, the tiny Swedish blonde with the big voice, has returned with Stronger, her follow-up to 2012’s debut London. So, how does it fair?
on Oct 03, 2018


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