Daniella Kohan

Daniella Kohan

(Retired) Writer (New York, NY, USA)
- Daniella is a budding New Yorker and lifelong music history buff with a love for all things dark and heavy—especially when it comes to her wine. She goes to far too many concerts for her own good, and feels most at home when death metal, indie rock, and more recently hip-hop music are blasting around her at near-deafening volumes.
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7 / 10

Progressive metal is not a genre of music for the faint of heart, and in that vein, newcomers of the scene I, Omega are not to be taken lightly. Thei…
By on Jul 16, 2014

4 / 10

I have been following Chelsea Grin since their debut album, Desolation of Eden, was released and the band chugged the genre of deathcore straight int…
By on Jul 16, 2014

7 / 10

Channel Zero is a testament to the very resilience that has allowed metal to survive throughout the years. After a nasty breakup at the peak of their…
By on Jul 11, 2014
Stage 48 in New York City is not your average rock venue. This swanky spot is a posh nightclub, complete with color changing walls and couches along…
By on Jun 30, 2014

8.5 / 10

Nevada Rose is taking metalcore to a whole new level by adding a super-heavy dose of electronica. Super charge your Summer music collection with the…
By on Jun 27, 2014

8.5 / 10

Anathema is certain to take any music fan who gives them a chance on a spiraling, emotional roller coaster with the title track off of their upcoming…
By on Jun 12, 2014

6 / 10

As a long time Arch Enemy fan, I was anxious when I heard news of the recent lineup changes and caught wind that a new CD was in the works. But consi…
By on Jun 12, 2014

9 / 10

There are few things in life better than a well-timed breakdown, and Within The Ruins knows all about that. Check out the lyric video (see below) for…
By on Jun 11, 2014

8 / 10

Australian progressive metal quintet, Voyager, are notorious for both creating one of a kind melodic pieces of music that are still incredibly heavy,…
By on Jun 06, 2014


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