Darren Paltrowitz

Darren Paltrowitz

Journalist (Long Beach, NY, USA)
- Darren Paltrowitz is a New York resident (and Long Island native) with over 15 years of entertainment industry experience. He began working around the music business as a teenager, interning for the manager of his then-favorite band Superdrag. In the years following, he has worked with a wide array of artists including OK Go, They Might Be Giants, Mike Viola, Tracy Bonham, Loudness, and Rachael Yamagata. He is the host of the Paltrocast With Darren Paltrowitz podcast, as co-produced with PureGrainAudio.com.
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We spoke to Henry Derek Elis, vocalist for the metal band Act Of Defiance and former Scar The Martyr member alongside ex-Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison, about his very un-metal new album The Devil Is My Friend.
on Nov 12, 2018

9.5 / 10

As CRASH not only taught me a lot about artists that I have been following for decades, but also looks stunning, this may be my favorite book of 2018.
on Nov 07, 2018
We had the pleasure of doing a Q&A with bassist Jeff Matz about High On Fire’s latest record Electric Messiah, the band’s decision to work with Kurt Ballou on yet another studio effort, how he spends his off-time, and more.
on Oct 19, 2018
We connected with Good Charlotte guitarist Billy Martin for an interview about the new album Generation Rx, freelance illustration, hip-hop, touring and more.
on Oct 10, 2018
Dublin duo Hudson Taylor recently released their new album Bear Creek To Dame Street via Rubyworks Records and we caught up with the brothers Hudson-Taylor, to talk music, hobbies and touring with Hozier.
on Oct 09, 2018
Kyle Fasel, bassist for the Illinois-based rock group Real Friends, spoke to us about their Fearless Records release, Composure, this year’s Warped Tour, and life on the road.
on Oct 08, 2018
October has just started and thankfully we can cap off a superb September with our “190 Proof” artist of the month, Perth, Australia’s The Faim. Fresh off their debut EP, Summer Is A Curse, via BMG, this band is a must-add to your #rockradar.
on Oct 04, 2018
The Beach Boys' Bruce Johnston reflects on the band's latest release The Beach Boys With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, among other highlights of his and the band's storied career.
on Sep 11, 2018
Mudhoney’s Mark Arm spoke with us about his band's new Sub Pop Records release, Digital Garbage, eating terrible food on tour, the Judgement Night soundtrack, and oh so much more!
on Sep 05, 2018
Last year’s The Blood Of Gods album via Metal Blade Records aside, we focus on all things food, plus the GWARbar, in this interview with Blöthar of GWAR.
on Sep 04, 2018
We had the pleasure of doing some Q&A with Spooky Cool’s lead singer Zac Hryciak about the group’s new EP Every Thing Ever, the music scene in the band’s hometown of Richmond, Virginia, and Zac’s other hobbies.
on Aug 31, 2018
We had a spicy little chat with The Offspring front man, Dexter Holland, about his popular hot sauce brand, Gringo Bandito!
on Aug 27, 2018
August is beginning to wind down and that means it’s time for our “190 Proof” artist of the month! This time out we celebrate all things Alice In Chains and, thanks to some time from William DuVall, discuss the band’s 6th studio album (3rd with DuVall), Rainier Fog (BMG).
on Aug 22, 2018
Out via Sony RED on August 24th, Tasty Nasty is the latest release from Detroit-based rockers Wilson. We recently spoke with vocalist Chad Nicefield, primarily about his interest in microdosing.
on Aug 17, 2018
The name Sid Wilson may very well ring a bell due to his role in mega-huge metallers Slipknot. But, as the DJ prepares to release his debut solo record ∫∑x©∆p∆D∑∫ øƒ †h3 høP∑£3∫∫ ®øbø†¡¢, Darren Paltrowitz discovers there’s a lot more than meets the eye with this artist.
on Aug 16, 2018
Known for her role on the NBC sitcom The Office, Kate Flannery spoke with us at length about her voiceover work, singing in Mono Puff, new film How To Get Girls, and future projects.
on Aug 14, 2018
New Jersey native, Eddie Trunk, host of the AXS TV series TrunkFest, spoke with us about his new series, the future of That Metal Show, and life as a freelancer.
on Aug 04, 2018
Original Soulfly drummer, Roy Mayorga was also active with Shelter, Nausea, Crisis and ABLOOM before joining Stone Sour in 2006. We spoke with the skins-master about his drums, rehearsing, film scoring and more.
on Aug 01, 2018
Epic Meal Time co-creator Harley Morenstein spoke to us about “Pizza In A Bag”, his transition from teacher to accidental chef, Action Bronson, The Beastie Boys, and productivity.
on Jul 30, 2018

9 / 10

Ohio rockers The National and Danish microbrewery Mikkeller have partnered to release “Reality Based Pils”, a very drinkable, somewhat light, and straight-up pilsner in a cool can.
on Jul 24, 2018


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