Dayv Oblyvyon

Dayv Oblyvyon

Journalist (Pretoria, South Africa)
- An aging goth displaced in the wilds of Africa, Dayv likes his music black, bleak and obnoxious. He likes his whisky old enough to order its own whisky. Other than that, you can find him dabbling in art, tattoos and animal rights.
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Cold Black Suns (Season of Mist) is an unforgettable piece of occult black metal art, fusing savagery with frozen beauty – but it is also a selection of nine very separate songs that can each stand on their own as near-perfect examples of the craft Belgium’s Enthroned have been honing for a quarter of a century.
on May 21, 2019
Fleshgod Apocalypse rewrite the definition of extreme metal on Veleno (Nuclear Blast Records), by taking all the historical aspects of their signature orchestral death metal sound and pushing these to, well, the extreme limit.
on May 20, 2019
Despite the fun ‘80s horror thematic concept and some excellent songwriting, Night of Whispering Souls (Extreme Metal Music) by Croatian one-man black metal project Tryglav, the album leaves an impression of entertainment rather than long-term engagement.
on May 13, 2019
Adversus, the seventh full-length album from Italy’s Handful of Hate combines fast, technical black metal with unexpected baroque flourishes to create a record of unique character without resorting to musical gimmicks: an uncompromising vision that sits comfortably on the Code666 roster.
on May 09, 2019
We chatted with Jason Mann, Muhammad Zubi and David Devo Oosthuizen, promoters of South Africa’s The Kraken Is Alive about their narrative based music festival for the alternative market.
on May 07, 2019
An unmistakably Kampfar record, Ofidians Manifest (available from Indie Recordings) blends historic black metal tropes with contemporary care to composition and arrangement to craft one of the most exciting pieces of black metal music in recent history.
on May 06, 2019
Shem Ha Mephorash, the fourth full-length from Sweden’s Mephorash for Shadow Records is neither short, sweet nor easily digestible: rather, it is provocative, engaging and even a little frightening in its intensity. Or put another way, as near to a perfect black metal record as you could hope to encounter.
on May 02, 2019
Enthroned represent Belgium’s longest-running black metal act, with over a quarter of a century of active recording and performing. Vocalist Nornagest discusses the new album, Cold Black Suns, ahead of its June release.
on Apr 30, 2019
1349’s fast, heavy and uncompromising “aural hellfire” approach to Norwegian Black Metal returns on a state-sponsored tribute to the work of artist Edvard Munch, Dødskamp, released by Season Of Mist.
on Apr 10, 2019
The Industrial Accident: The Story of Wax Trax! Records soundtrack is not just a cultural snapshot of the early 1990s underground and industrial music scenes in Chicago, but a cleverly curated showcase of some of the Wax Trax! Records artists that helped shape that scene - and a delightful trip down memory lane in the process.
on Apr 06, 2019
Mardom (out April 12th via War Anthem Records) reinvents no wheels, but the powerful nostalgia it conjures of early 1990s second-wave Scandinavian black metal is a breath of frigid and nihilistic air that does Germany’s Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult proud.
on Apr 02, 2019
At just over 30 minutes run time, it really is worth the effort to stop what you’re doing, plug in your earphones and let Basalt’s O Coração Negro da Terra remaster (Ritual Productions) wash over you in a tide of blackened post-sludge with a very progressive flavor.
on Mar 28, 2019
Servants of the Cold Night, the first full-length from Andeis, is by no means a kind or forgiving listening experience, but its seeping, vitriolic menace is balanced by surprisingly sensitive key arrangements on an otherwise bare-bones raw black metal album.
on Mar 26, 2019
Troll’s second album, Legend Master, out April 12th via Shadow Kingdom Records, is a meandering, yet still gripping narrative that is as much Tolkien as Asimov in its content, full of tense, dynamic compositions that balance riff and melody to great effect.
on Mar 18, 2019

7.5 / 10

Hate Force deliver a slow, heavy miasma of uncompromising aural punishment on their eponymous debut (Closed Casket Activities) that blends mid-tempo death metal with enough groove and hardcore elements to satisfy these camps, too.
on Mar 18, 2019

6.5 / 10

Waldgeflüster’s latest offering, Mondscheinsonaten (Nordvis Produktion), is a gentle lullaby delivered via the near-perfect meshing of gentle folk-like acoustic melodies with blastbeat-ridden waves of black metal hellfire.
on Mar 12, 2019

8.5 / 10

Sinmara’s latest release via Ván Records, Hvisl Stjarnanna, is equally gloomy and nihilistic in temperament to 2014’s Aphotic Womb, although its composition and arrangement are far more sequentially structured, with lower tempos and more focus on mood.
on Mar 11, 2019

7.5 / 10

Temple of Skies, the debut album from Idaho’s Tempestarii, is less an album than the exorcism of a malignant spirit - an unsettling, dynamic and ritualistic showcase of atmospheric black metal.
on Feb 25, 2019
While the term “mature” hardly suits My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult’s creative content, their latest album, In the House of Strange Affairs, could perhaps be described as “accomplished” in terms of their musical evolution up to this point.
on Feb 25, 2019

8.5 / 10

Valtakunta (out now via Signal Rex), the latest album by Finland’s Se Lusiferin Kannel, is a chilling, exploratory hour-and-change of seriously dark long-form ambient black metal.
on Feb 12, 2019


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