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Graham Finney

Deputy Editor, Vice President (London, England, UK)
- Living an almost hermit-like existence these days, when not sleeping, slaving over a laptop or at a gig, my time is spent between photographing mixed martial arts, watching shit horror movies and learning to play my slightly battered acoustic guitar. The reason I still do this? Obviously the money, hookers and fast cars, but mainly because Chris lets me indulge my passion for music that sounds like elephants fucking.
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Everything about this is just fucking ace! It’s got Kurt from crossover Kings D.R.I fronting the band, their Facebook page has a chick with massive boobs brandishing two massive machine guns and the first song on the album is called "100 Beers With A Zombie". What is there not to like about this? You can forget your Municipal Waste’s and the rest of that modern crossover thrash stuff because, regardless of how good that stuff is, anything called Pasadena Napalm Division is instantly going to be so much better!
on May 26, 2013
I’m a huge Ricky Warwick fan; from his work in The Almighty to his solo material, the man can do no wrong in my eyes. Well, clearly Warwick won fans in high places with him taking over as the front man for the current incarnation of rock legends Thin Lizzy. Well, roll the clock forward from that point to December 2012 and the band decided to form a new band, going by the name of Black Star Riders, complete with Warwick on vocals - All Hell Breaks Loose being the first fruits of those recording sessions.
on May 25, 2013
Since 2008, when these Virginia death metallers issued their first release for new label Nuclear Blast, it’s been hard to really keep up with who exactly the hell makes up Arsis what with members coming and going and internal shifts in who does what. Still, one thing is for sure as the shuddering "Unwelcome" kicks this album into life, remaining member James Malone has certainly found himself a hellishly tight bunch of reprobates to help him smash home Arsis' brutal message this time around.
on May 25, 2013
As I write this review British troublemakers Bring Me The Horizon have just nudged ahead of David Bowie in the National Album Charts in the UK so, on that evidence, it would appear that now is a good time to be a British metal band. Not that I’m inferring that every British metal band is going to reach the kind of levels mentioned, but it does show the music buying/downloading/streaming public has a genuine interest in British metal. This interest all stands bands like York metallers With One Last Breath in good stead for a bright future, especially when they’re heading into that future armed with this cracking mini-album.
on May 03, 2013
It has to be said that there is something about Seattle mob Grenades that makes you keep listening to their Heaven Is Empty album. The thing is, I can’t put my finger on what it is and it’s driving me absolutely nuts. What I do know is that the colossal-sounding riffs filling their first proper album make it an absolutely riveting listen.
on May 03, 2013
Reading like a Who’s Who of the Massachusetts Metal Scene, Death Ray Vision is a side-project featuring members of New Wave Of American Heavy Metal stalwarts Shadow’s Fall and Massachusetts metalcore titans Killswitch Engage, alongside ex-members of Overcast and Cannae, bands that have, at some point featured members of KSE and Shadow’s Fall. It’s all fairly incestuous and, clocking in with a running time a few seconds shy of fifteen minutes, is clearly nothing more than a bunch of mates getting together to knock out a few tunes.
on May 03, 2013
With a book in the pipeline, a Horror Festival to organise, and a solo album due to drop later this year, time is at a premium for heavy metal legend Philip Anselmo. As it would seem from our recent conversation; however, the vocalist wouldn't have it any other way! Check out part 1 of our lengthy two part interview with the vocal legend.
on May 03, 2013
Unsurprisingly, when pop-rockers Fall Out Boy announced their much anticipated return with a few intimate club shows, tickets for those shows all sold-out within a nano-second of going on sale. Now, while sweaty club shows are all well and good, new material is what really matters as it will tell us whether or not Peter Wentz and Co still have that delicious swagger that made them such a hit with both rock and pop fans before their break.
on Apr 19, 2013

6.6 / 10

Sometimes you just need a band like Teethmarks to come along so you can remember how nasty and grotty music can be. Feral is the work of four blokes from Toronto, Canada who you’re more likely to find passed out in a puddle of puke next to the dumpster behind their rehearsal room than you are actually in the building doing what they’re supposed to be doing.
on Apr 18, 2013
With a line-up that boasts a combination of both French and American cultures, it’d be fair to expect An Endless Vision to sound like the bastard offspring of both the European and American metal scenes and, as the clinical, juddering riffage of opener "Amiss Desire" spits this album into life, it’s apparent that NightShade have in fact taken elements from both scenes and melded them together into an impressive end product.
on Apr 15, 2013
A lot of people are waiting to hear Disarm The Descent, the new album from metalcore titans Killswitch Engage what with it being the first album since the band reunited with original vocalist Jesse Leach. You see we all knew that once Howard Jones had left the band, it was only a matter of time before Leach came home and, once he had and the subsequent live shows showed how much of a perfect match the two are, recorded material was a high priority.
on Mar 31, 2013
I know it doesn't need repeating, but I’ll say it anyway... Maryland stoners Clutch are cooler than you’ll ever be! They swagger around like they own the entire fucking planet and, you know what, they pretty much damn do. If you don’t agree with this by the time they've stomped through the title track of this album then you certainly will by the time frontman Neil Fallon howls "step on it" halfway through "Crucial Velocity".
on Mar 29, 2013
Skarlett Riot are a female-fronted rock band so, while instantly the Paramore comparisons come out, it will only take one listen to their full-length debut, Tear Me Down, to realise that those comparisons are just a cheap way of filling column inches without any effort on the writer's part.
on Mar 26, 2013
I have to be honest and admit that I haven’t been to a proper death metal gig in absolutely forever and, listening to Baltimore slammers Misery Index drilling through their set on this live album makes me really miss it. I used to love coming out of stinky, grim venues smelling of sweat with my head feeling like someone was playing a blast-beat inside my skull and, you know what, as "Sleeping Giants" rattles this album into life, Misery Index have almost nailed that exact feeling.
on Mar 26, 2013
Boasting the best of the rock crop at the moment, Download Festival organisers added another whopping 17 acts to the line-up today. Joining the massive line-up which already includes Slipknot, Rammstein, Iron Maiden, Limp Bizkit, Stone Sour and nearly a hundred more are the following new acts listed just below. Download Festival takes place at Donington Park over the weekend of June 14-16 and you can get information from
on Mar 26, 2013
Having toured with the likes of Biohazard and Godsized, as well as headlining Finland’s "Female-fronted rock metal tour", German bruisers A Million Miles are certainly getting themselves heard in some good places but then again, if you’d heard their debut EP, Left, it should come as no surprise that ears are pricking up.
on Mar 25, 2013
I saw UK rockers Godsized in a local bar a few months ago and, while there may only have been a hundred or so people in the bar, it’s a fair bet to say half of the town actually heard the band. Loud? The walls shook as their thundering, heavy metal riffery turned grown men into jelly and left this writer with ringing ears for a week. Not that you’d expect any less from a band who’d just come off the road from a tour with Sir Zakk of Wylde himself. But does their self-released new album manage to capture the gritty feel of those slick, sludgy Southern grooves or will their fist-pounding riffery be lost to the sterility of a recording studio?
on Mar 24, 2013
Boston hardcore outfit Vanna have been through a few line-up changes recently with their fourth album, The Few And The Far Between, being the first time fans of the band will get to hear the groups' new incarnation. Fear not though, as the album skids into the punk rock snarl of opener proper "The Lost Art Of Staying Alive", Vanna have obviously lost none of that bite has earned them a healthy following in the hardcore scene.
on Mar 19, 2013
If you’re from Florida and you trade in crushing blast-beats, vocals that sound like they're dragged up from the swamps, and riffs that make your fingers bleed, then you've already ticked off most of the requirements needed to call yourself a bona fide death metal band. You see, if you’re of a certain age then you'll be well aware that, Florida, along with Sweden, was responsible for some of the most influential death metal bands of all time. Thankfully, the importance of those bands hasn't faded over time, especially with bands like Dark Sermon adding a modern twist to the face-stoving heaviness of the Florida death metal sound.
on Mar 19, 2013

6.5 / 10

Sometimes something happens that makes you sit back and wonder where the fuck time has gone. Reading the accompanying press release for Topple The Giants, the new album from Bakersfield rockers Adema, was one of those things. You see, back in 2001, I was sat in a hotel bar with original Adema frontman Marky Chavez and we were both watching footage of the Twin Towers come crashing down. Like I said, we’re now in 2013, it’s hard to believe that over a decade has passed since that meeting. So, while there is no doubt that the world has changed, the question pertinent to this review is where do Adema, one of the second-wave of nu-metal bands, sit comfortably within a rock world that has changed so much in thirteen years?
on Mar 18, 2013


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