Hera Vidal

Hera Vidal

Writer (Van Nuys, CA, USA)
- Hera Vidal is a writer and reviewer who is powered by coffee, research, metal. She likes listening to music at ungodly volumes, archiving the music she listens to, and also enjoys reading in her spare time. When not reviewing or writing about music for others, she writes for herself.
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Although cemented in the tech death camp, Aenimus’s Dreamcatcher, out now via Nuclear Blast Records, shows that incorporating groove and rhythm into their music creates new a new direction worth exploring.
on Mar 21, 2019

8.5 / 10

The eleventh album in Evergrey’s career, The Atlantic (AFM Records), is a return to form for the Swedes, showcasing the band’s ability to meld beautiful music with a vibrant emotional vulnerability.
on Feb 08, 2019
Melding elements of power and progressive metal, Infinita Symphonia’s third album, Liberation (out now via My Kingdom Music), is a compelling listen that pays off at the very end.
on Dec 21, 2018
Chthonic’s newest album, Battlefields of Asura, ties together the events of their past four recordings to create a cohesive narrative that discusses the nuances and intricacies of rewritten history and activism. In this longform article, we explore the mythology and history which is interwoven in their lyrics.
on Nov 22, 2018
Fórn 's highly anticipated full-length Rites of Despair revels in its highly experimental nature while also staying true to their sludge roots. Out now on Gilead Media.
on Sep 25, 2018

8.5 / 10

Out via Relapse Records, Diluvium, Obscura’s fifth album, closes their four-album run with a balanced blend of progressive composition and technical mastery that continues to impress the most hardened listener.
on Jul 23, 2018
Dramatic and infectious, Crossing Eternity’s debut The Rising World, out via Rockshots Records, is an impressive yet humbling experience for even the most jaded music listener.
on Jul 12, 2018
Blurring sensuality and surrealism, Kontinuum’s new album, No Need to Reason, out via Season of Mist, creates a warm, inviting atmosphere that belies its post-metal foundations.
on Jul 06, 2018

7.5 / 10

Lesser Glow’s debut Ruined via Pelagic Records not only mixes melodic hardcore with noisy post-metal that can be steered in any direction, but also brings you right in the middle of their vast soundscape.
on Jun 19, 2018

8.5 / 10

Filled with jazz, black metal, and psychedelia, 夢遊病者 (Sleepwalker)’s 一期一会 (For This Time Only, Never Again) is a musical feast for the senses.
on May 30, 2018
Herephemine, The Ever Living’s debut album, is a pulsing, living organism with a beautiful soundscape that straddles the line between post-metal and experimental doom.
on May 12, 2018
Asphodelia brings the death-life dichotomy and the afterlife to the forefront in their debut album, Welcome Apocalypse.
on Apr 14, 2018

7.5 / 10

With The Shadow Theory, Kamelot continues the story started in previous effort Haven while also injecting new elements in their brand of power metal.
on Apr 13, 2018
With Cracksleep, Eldritch brings the horror of insomnia alive with their fantastic blend of progressive/power metal.
on Apr 02, 2018

5.5 / 10

With Beloved Antichrist, Therion combines its penchant for classical music with its metal identity, with mixed results.
on Mar 02, 2018
With Reminiscence, Empress shows a penchant for experimentation in their blend of stoner and sludge metal.
on Feb 16, 2018
Ektomorf's new album, Fury, shows that simplicity is, sometimes, the best way to have a good time.
on Feb 13, 2018


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