John Gilleese

John Gilleese

Photographer (Manchester, England, U.K.)
- After spending 10 years mixing bands as a sound engineer and herding cats, sorry....musicians, as a stage manager, I decided to leave the stage and enter the photo pit. But I'm pretty sure I'm one of only a select few people who can truthfully say they had their hand in Martin Sheen's trousers.
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As the sweaty masses filed out of the venue, it was clear to see that Lacuna Coil will definitely be welcome in Manchester any time they want to come back.
on Nov 22, 2016
Hordes of hirsute warriors on the street brandishing horns of mead, with the odd battle cry piercing the cold night air. It could only mean one thing, modern day Swedish Vikings Amon Amarth have sailed into town as part of their Jomsviking World Tour.
on Nov 02, 2016
Recently, in mid-September, Leeds rockers Treason Kings had a blast playing support to Californian outfit L7 during their UK shows.
on Oct 12, 2016
California grunge Queens L7 are back after a 13 year hiatus and our photographer caught the band on a hot, sweaty evening in Manchester to bring back these awesome photos...
on Sep 14, 2016
Sweden-based power metal group, Bloodbound, recently toured through the UK and Europe as support to Sabaton. John Gilleese was in the pit of a sold out Academy in Manchester to capture the action.
on Jun 13, 2016
Virgina party thrashers Municipal Waste recently started a lengthy tour that will visit 25 venues across the UK and Europe. John Gilleese squeezed up front of a packed and sweaty Sound Control in Manchester to catch the action.
on Jun 13, 2016
Mortiis returns to the UK in support of his new album so we sent our photographer along to catch him in action. Read the review and check out our photos here...
on May 27, 2016
Anglo-Swiss power metal outfit Gloryhammer joined Blind Guardian on their recent UK tour so we sent John Gilleese down to Manchester to get some shots of the band in all their glory...
on May 25, 2016
During a rare visit to the UK, Blind Guardian made a stop off at the O2 Ritz in Manchester so we sent John Gilleese along to bring back some photos of the band in action.
on May 23, 2016
John Gilleese caught The Virginmarys in action in Manchester recently and brought back these shots from the gig...
on May 11, 2016
John Gilleese caught Fizzy Blood in action in Manchester supporting The Virginmarys and brought us these awesome photos...
on May 10, 2016
Having just released a new single, "How I Got Over," and live CD, Live At St. Ives, UK rockers Reef are in the middle of an extensive UK tour that runs until April 16th.
on Mar 18, 2016
Giant rubber ducks, kilts, keytars and booze-soaked riffs can only mean one thing, Alestorm are in town!
on Mar 08, 2016
As the Sabaton tanks rolled into a sold out Academy in Manchester on February 27, 2016, John Gilleese was at the front to catch the action.
on Feb 29, 2016
William Francis has decided to bring the curtain down on horror punk stalwarts Aiden. Manchester was the setting for the first UK show of "The Last Sunrise Tour" and we threw John Gilleese into the crowd to catch the chaos.
on Feb 21, 2016
Bristol-based rockers Ashestoangels need to be seen live to truly understand just how chaotic their live show can be.
on Feb 21, 2016
Never Found are a 4-piece punk rock band based out of Oxford, UK. John Gilleese caught up with them at the Manchester leg of Aiden's recent "Last Sunrise Tour."
on Feb 17, 2016
The Dead XIII came together in 2013 and since then the Manchester-based horror metal outfit has continued to make a name for themselves. John Gilleese caught the guys at their hometown show supporting Aiden.
on Feb 10, 2016
Whiskey Myers are a southern rock band whose music is firmly rooted in Texan tradition. John Gilleese braved the stormy weather to capture the action at a packed Academy 2 in Manchester.
on Feb 09, 2016
Native Nashvillians The Cadillac Three have proven to be an unstoppable force since releasing their debut album in 2013. The guys are currently in the middle of a sold out UK tour and John Gilleese was on hand to catch the action at Manchester’s Academy 2.
on Feb 08, 2016


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