Jon Buckland

Jon Buckland

Writer (Hove, East Sussex, UK)
- A vulture for culture, prowling along the stony and sunny shores of Brighton, UK. Words and ideas rarely my own.
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Incredibly, on Steel Casket, Primitive Man have created something that is even more caustic than their debut and something that taps into a primal fear that is as ancient as primordial ooze.
on Jun 17, 2019
Fear Falls Burning’s Function Collapse, out now on Consouling Sounds, is a challenging albeit highly rewarding listen which, in this era of instant gratification, honourably leaves us gasping for more.
on Apr 12, 2019
According to the noise he creates, Masami Akita - the artist behind Merzbow - should be a certified maniac, but if the remastered release of 1994’s Venereology, out now on Relapse Records, is the result, then who are we to judge?
on Mar 09, 2019
Supporting their new single via Deathwish Inc, motivational hardcore punks Modern Life Is War stopped off at Brighton’s The Haunt, along with the hotly-tipped Svalbard and Swain.
on Jul 02, 2018

7.5 / 10

It could be the cohesive gel of performing with a band, or the combination of Zebo Adam (Russkaja) and Kurt Ballou (Converge) coming on board, twiddling knobs at the recording desk, but the upshot is a far more cohesive record than Devil is Fine.
on Jun 26, 2018
On The Body’s latest release, they seem to be continuing down even more deviant avenues, exploring the wider gamut of genres contained under the pop umbrella.
on May 23, 2018
Dylan Carlson's first solo album after 30 years in pioneers Earth, Conquistador, is steeped in the western mythologies of the Americas. Cinematic, ambient, droning and achingly beautiful guitar playing awaits.
on Apr 28, 2018
Initially less bombastic than its predecessor, Tahoe starts with a gentle ambient awakening, as if Warmsley is escaping urban claustrophobia and taking in deep lungfuls of fresh air.
on Mar 11, 2018


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