Jordan McEvoy

Jordan McEvoy

Writer/Photographer (Deganwy, Conwy, UK)
- Writer and photographer for all things heavy. Growing up in a small town in north Wales, I took the opportunity to start writing as a means of sharing my thoughts on music with the world, which has snowballed into a full blown passion for all things journalism. Probably sat somewhere listening to Woods of Ypres and drinking coffee, or stood in the photo pit doing what I love.
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After The Burial have a taken a giant leap forward with Evergreen, out today via Sumerian Records. In it, their sound is solidified and the confidence that comes with it pours out.
on Apr 19, 2019
Saor’s new album Forgotten Paths, out now via Avantgarde Music, demonstrates how the harshness of black metal, when mixed with themes of nature and tradition alongside a heavy Gaelic influence, makes for a listen which is overall simply sublime.
on Mar 25, 2019
You can hear multi-instrumentalist Elisa’s progression with every Sadness release, however it seems more prominent in Rain. Alongside Elisa’s exhibition of a multitude of styles, the listener equally goes on a cathartic roller coaster of an emotional journey, exploring loneliness, sadness (obviously), and self-exploration.
on Mar 20, 2019

8.5 / 10

The rising outfit, Contrarian have surged on with their third studio album, Their Worm Never Dies. In the Willowtip Records release, we see progressive elegance amidst tough as nails #deathmetal riffs.
on Mar 15, 2019

8.5 / 10

As a standalone record out now via Eisenwald Records, Stone and Sea displays FEN’s evolution and refinement over the years, and is a strong showcase for modern #blackmetal.
on Mar 14, 2019
After a long time of working and perfecting, Downfall of Gaia have unleashed a #blackmetal behemoth with Ethic of Radical Finitude, out now via Metal Blade Records.
on Mar 05, 2019

5.5 / 10

King 810, a band who shot up the ranks in the early 2010’s, have self-released Suicide King after a brief bout of silence.
on Mar 04, 2019
With a uniquely varied take on black metal, Mo'ynoq have created a labyrinthine record in Dreaming in a Dead Language. For those enthusiasts willing to delve and understand the album’s complexities, there is a well-earned reward at the end.
on Jan 26, 2019
From the multi-talented Noctis comes Nachteule’s new release, Bergdorf, via Wolfspell Records. A beautifully atmospheric journey which requests to be savoured with your full attention.
on Jan 14, 2019

8.5 / 10

After a decade-long break, Forest of Shadows have returned with Among the Dormant Watchers via Inverse Records. Seeping with atmosphere and emotion, it’s one for fans old and new, and any doom metal connoisseurs.
on Dec 19, 2018
Omgeving is the new project formed by Distillator member Franck Johanson. The multi-instrumentalist has soared into the astral planes with his debut record, Widje Wijdte, blending black metal, doom, and more.
on Dec 10, 2018
A swarm of underground metal and rock bands invaded Leeds University Union once again this month for the fourteenth installment of the UK’s Damnation Festival. PureGrainAudio was there to experience the now-legendary energy and diversity for which the festival is known.
on Nov 21, 2018
Beneath.Below.Behold demonstrates that Antlers is certainly an act to keep an eye on from this point forward, for those interested in atmospheric black metal’s emotional journeys.
on Apr 23, 2018


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