Kathleen Kaufman

Kathleen Kaufman

Photographer (Casa Grande, AZ, USA)
- My name is Kat and I'm from Queens, NY but now live in a vast desert wasteland somewhere between Phoenix and Tucson.I love to travel to foreign lands for Metal festivals. When not photographing loud bands in small clubs, I can usually be found in the gym lifting heavy things while listening to brutal Death Metal. My hobbies include drinking wine, cooking, and summoning Cthulhu.
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Promoting their “Forged in Fire” host sauce in collaboration with Hella Hot Sauce, Exhumed hit Club Red in Mesa, AZ, along with openers SaintBreaker and Lago, for a spicy night of metal.
on May 13, 2019
The Chaos and Carnage Tour is rampaging across the US right now with Whitechapel and Dying Fetus co-headlining the bill. The line-up was stacked with brutal death metal and deathcore bands who each wreaked havoc at Phoenix, AZ’s Pressroom.
on May 10, 2019
April 19, 2019, was a momentous occasion for extreme metal fans in Arizona when two separate tours, led by both Kalmah and Uada, merged into one amazing night of METAL at Club Red in Mesa, AZ!
on Apr 29, 2019
Rivers of Nihil, currently meandering across North America supporting their Metal Blade release, Where Owls Know My Name, seriously messed up Mesa, AZ’s Club Red with Entheos, Conjurer, and Wolf King.
on Mar 25, 2019
Swedish death metal legends, Hypocrisy finally returned to North America! Even better, they brought along co-headliners Fleshgod Apocalyse and openers Aenimus. Mesa, AZ’s Club Red had no chance of staying calm.
on Mar 22, 2019
The last day of Midgardsblot ended with a pagan ceremony reenacting a sacrifice. Rad, right? We also caught amazing bands like headliners Watain and Ensiferum, not to mention Årabrot, Vanvidd and Resjemheia.
on Sep 11, 2018
Day 2 of Midgardsblot hit and, as soon as the gate opened, we hit up Metal Yoga, an epic viking battle, and lots of great bands including Acyl, Kaunan, Apocalypse Orchestra, Nexion, Garmana, Rotting Christ and Dimmu Borgir.
on Sep 05, 2018
Midgardsblot is not your typical metal festival, it’s a cultural experience. Check out some of the highlights in photos, including the music of Mork, Abyssic and Bergtatt.
on Aug 29, 2018
Promoting their latest melodic death metal masterpiece, A Gift for the Obsessed, The Absence hit Club Red in Mesa, AZ, joined by openers Goregäng. It was a heavy night!
on Aug 06, 2018
Portland, Oregon’s UADA brought their mysterious personas and dark sound to Club Red in Mesa, AZ and, along for the evil evening were The Black Moriah and Wolvhammer.
on Jul 16, 2018
The Black Dahlia Murder and Whitechapel are co-headlining a North American tour and we caught the show at The Pressroom in Phoenix, AZ. Openers were Aversions Crown and Fleshgod Apocalypse.
on Jul 10, 2018
Insomnium hit Mesa, AZ’s Club Red on June 9th to promote their 2016 Century Media release, Winter’s Gate, a melodic death metal masterpiece. Along for the trek was Oceans of Slumber.
on Jun 16, 2018
Faroe Island Viking metal legends, Týr came from the icy north to Joe’s Grotto in Phoenix, AZ. They brought along Aeternam, Ghost Ship Octavius and Orphaned Land for a metal-filled evening.
on Jun 05, 2018
We got to Club Red in Mesa, AZ and received a massive pummelling from Dying Fetus, Thy Art is Murder, Rivers of Nihil and Enterprise Earth!
on Apr 08, 2018
Septicflesh and Dark Funeral co-headlined on their recent North American tour along with support from Thy Antichrist and we caught the last at Club Red in Mesa, AZ.
on Mar 28, 2018
Heavy metal legends, Iced Earth played a fiery set at The Pressroom in Phoenix, AZ along with openers Sanctuary, who are touring as a tribute to singer Warrell Danes who passed away in December.
on Mar 19, 2018
Bay Area’s Rings of Saturn hit Club Red in Mesa, AZ March 2nd and were joined by an eclectic mix of metal including Nekrogoblikon, Allegaeon, and Lorna Shore!
on Mar 08, 2018
Exhumed stopped at Joe's Grotto in Phoenix, AZ and set off the fire alarm no less than eleven times. Opening the show was Phobia and Incantation.
on Feb 28, 2018
The fourth and final day of 70000tons of Metal is always the most insane. Many of the sailors dress up in costumes and the partying goes into overdrive.
on Feb 17, 2018
On Day 3, 70000tons of Metal was brutalized by Meshuggah, as well as Sonata Arctica, Cannibal Corpse, Wolfheart, and Die Apokaliptischen Reiter.
on Feb 14, 2018


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