Lance Marwood

Lance Marwood

Writer (Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, UK)
- Lance grew up in small town Ontario and moved into a punk house called the “Brohaus” in the fall of 2007. He moved with his radical fiancée and cute-as-heck dog to the UK in the winter of 2015. Ever since that, he’s been drinking tea and writing.
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Heavy is the currency of the future, and MTXS are gonna be rich. Check out Ache, the most intense thing to come out of England since the Poll Tax.
on Jun 04, 2019
Dead Tired released their first full-length in late March via New Damage Records and, now that we’ve finished peeling back the layers, it’s a rock and roll release for the hardcore crowd you should definitely run, not walk, to get your hands on.
on May 07, 2019
We entered a rabbit hole called The Gerogerigegege and it lead directly to the Japan’s noise punk music scene, one which shared (and continues to share) space with the gay and BDSM scenes simultaneously. There we began to understand a mysterious band surrounded by bondage, masturbation, secrecy and noise.
on Mar 15, 2019
“Industrial came about because a bunch of British avant-garde artists got tired of strictly doing street performance and wanted to start a band.” So begins our latest installment of A Ridiculously Short History of...; this time around, INDUSTRIAL!
on Jan 17, 2019
Though not the first to don the moniker Hysterics this Newmarket, Ontario three-piece punk band is arguably the most exciting iteration for anyone looking for a fresh take on punk and grunge alike.
on Nov 10, 2018

9.5 / 10

Just in time for Halloween, Daughters are finally releasing what is arguably their most anticipated album. Due via Ipecac Recordings, it’s one of the most horrifying things we’ve heard in a long time.
on Oct 20, 2018
Short film “Down Again” focuses on Mark Hunter (vocalist of Chimaira) and his experience of mental illness. Directed by Nick Cavalier, it's a brilliant short film that manages to have as much aesthetic impact as it does insight.
on Oct 09, 2018
We got to speak with Poland grindcore legends Bottom, who handed out some scathing and brutal insights on the nature of politics in their home country and their designs on waking up the next generation.
on Sep 13, 2018
We spoke with Aaron Weaver, drummer for Wolves In The Throne Room, about the finer points of speaking with the forest, recording Thrice Woven, and their upcoming, massive fall tour.
on Aug 30, 2018
There’s not much to say when the end credits roll on PUNK BAND, a documentary that follows punk rock group Voices Of Addiction as they implode on tour. If the film is attempting to show the futility of playing live music in today’s economy, then it is an earth-shattering success.
on Aug 22, 2018
Scream interview with Franz Stahl on the Southern Lord reissue of No More Censorship, the Washington, D.C. punk legends’ fourth album, Dave Grohl, 606 Studios, Mastodon and keeping punk alive!
on Jun 05, 2018

6.5 / 10

Swindon and Southampton-based prog project The Black Light dropped their new single “Singularity”; check out our impression of how the duo’s effort has paid off.
on May 29, 2018
Derek Hess, one of the most notable artists in the heavy music scene in the last 30 years, has released his new book, 31 Days In May, which is a collection of his darkest and most powerful work tackling his struggles with mental illness and addiction.
on May 29, 2018
To hear someone putting what you feel into crushing, audible assault is gratifying in a way that is dubiously hard to describe, usually dependent on whether someone else has ever shared that experience.
on May 09, 2018

7 / 10

It’s the kind of rock that captures the spirit of those who can appreciate both club nights and roller derbies.
on May 05, 2018
Creepiest Creep is pure adrenaline, a shot in the arm that is indicative of The Dahmers’ brand of consistently thrashy, horror-obsessed garage punk.
on May 01, 2018
“The only reason grunge exists is because the Pacific Northwest was an overlooked, downtrodden shithole that no one gave a fuck about up until the early 90's.” So begins our latest instalment of our Ridiculously Short History of... Series; this time for Grunge!
on Apr 30, 2018

8.5 / 10

Neil Young’s inaugural performance at the Roxy Theatre in L.A. in September of 1973 is a similarly exuberant, whiskey-soaked, and macabre performance of a legendary album.
on Apr 28, 2018

6.5 / 10

The band are clearly developing their sound and choices, and while this is not an EP I would return to, it is enough to pay them the attention they deserve going forward.
on Apr 18, 2018
Each of the eight songs is an irreverent example of instrumental freedom and doom-laden heaviness merging with catchy melody and unhinged exploration.
on Apr 16, 2018


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