Lance Marwood

Lance Marwood

Writer (Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, UK)
- Lance grew up in small town Ontario and moved into a punk house called the “Brohaus” in the fall of 2007. He moved with his radical fiancée and cute-as-heck dog to the UK in the winter of 2015. Ever since that, he’s been drinking tea and writing.
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7 / 10

The only key differences I can see in this record between Voros and Meshuggah, however, are the deeper growls and much more straightforward approach…
By on Jan 16, 2016

8.5 / 10

This record proves Ignite still have grit, they still have a political stance and message, and it’s fast, fast, fast.
By on Jan 14, 2016

5 / 10

Dragged Into Sunlight, in collaboration with Gnaw Their Tongues, have released an album that relies far too heavily on samples, which would have been…
By on Jan 13, 2016
For the past 8 years, Lance Marwood has lived in the Toronto punk and hardcore scenes - now he's leaving it all behind, moving to the sleepy town of…
By on Jan 13, 2016

8 / 10

Nocturnal Masquerade is a monster of an album made by a group who’ve put in years of hard work and time, while remaining patient as they finished craf…
By on Jan 12, 2016

9 / 10

The Saddest Landscape released what is arguably one of the best releases of their career, an example of the perfect marriage between proper productio…
By on Dec 22, 2015

2 / 10

Enemo J have released a fifth album, and it is an excellent example of bland, formulaic metalcore done badly.
By on Dec 16, 2015

9 / 10

Vvovnds' latest release has been making waves, and for good reason: from knowing when to pack a punch to their well balanced interplay between genre…
By on Dec 10, 2015

6.5 / 10

Nahum delivers an album with true death metal and thrash pandemonium, but its lack of incisive lyrical content and absence of musical risk drag down…
By on Dec 09, 2015


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