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- Music lover, animal whisperer, and potty mouth. I preform random acts of Marinaness. I also write…stuff. I also wonder how many miles I’ve scrolled with my thumb.... You can catch me on Instagram, Facebook and the Twitter…freaks need apply.
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And just like that, another month is ova! We don’t know about you guys, but we’re definitely dreading the malls, so instead we’ll give you our weekly treat of solid tunes from back in the day, including System of a Down, Papa Roach and Breaking Benjamin.
on Dec 06, 2018
Happy Thanksgiving to our brothers from the south! In celebration of the creators of Black Friday, we we honour the prince of darkness, Ozzy Osborne, and his band Black Sabbath, not to mention the Americanos Pantera and Black Flag.
on Nov 22, 2018
Yep, we done gone EMO (insert sad emoji here)! Wait, but there’s hope! Or is there? No idea, but either way this week we’ve included our modern day Emo knight, Chris Carrabba, some Morrissey and Fall Out Boy in our emo edition of Throwback Thursday.
on Nov 15, 2018
Get your goose cooked while rocking out to some classic tunes form Stone Sour, Chevelle, and Bullet For My Valentine.
on Nov 08, 2018
Our own Throwback Thursday continues with our first-ever Halloween edition!
on Nov 01, 2018
It’s that day of the week again, nope not hump day, the day after, which is #tbt y’all. We have a nostalgic Audioslave track, plus tunes from Taking Back Sunday and Brand New!
on Oct 18, 2018
Hello PGAers! We are pretty damn stoked to launch this new feature…Tales from the back,… The PGA Throwback Thursday, featuring Nirvana, Avenged Sevenfold and Metallica.
on Sep 13, 2018

6.5 / 10

Sick N’ Beautiful explore the Element Of Sex with their latest record - because what’s not to love about a group of aliens playing catchy, electronica-driven metal?
on Jul 19, 2018
Finnish "love-metal" band HIM are calling it quits after 26 years. The band have released the following statement announcing plans to embark on a farewell tour starting in July.
on Mar 05, 2017

7.5 / 10

Spunky, catchy, fun and quite simply, enjoyable. But with all this familiarity comes growth. A more methodical sound, and a more relaxed approach to production.
on Feb 16, 2017
With Sebastian Bach promoting his new book "18 And Life on Skid Row" and his manager, Rick Sales, chatting it up with Doc McGhee, Skid Row's manager, Skid Row reunion rumours are circling.
on Dec 10, 2016
To celebrate 25 years, Extreme treat fans to a full live album version of their classic album Pornograffitti. Read our review here.
on Nov 14, 2016
Hard rockers Saliva are back with a new energy on their ninth studio album, Love, Lies And Therapy. Read our review here...
on Nov 02, 2016
Ahead of their hometown show opening for Guns 'n' Roses, Pure Grain Audio caught up with Ian guitarist for punk rockers Billy Talent to talk about the show and their new album Afraid Of Heights.
on Nov 02, 2016

7.5 / 10

The first album from post-hardcore favourites Thrice since the end of their 2012 haitus is intense, influential and exactly what fans expect from the band. Read our review here...
on Jun 25, 2016

8 / 10

When liner notes/lyrics and music are not enough, and you want to experience a whole new level of rawness, this is the perfect way to do it.
on Nov 13, 2015
Mindless Self Indulgence have just released the creepiest video for their cover of Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus".
on Nov 03, 2015

7.5 / 10

It definitely might not resonate with the majority of Silverchair enthusiasts, but that doesn't mean this isn't some primo music from a clearly supremely-talented musician.
on Sep 29, 2015

8.5 / 10

'Rock n' Roll' is Buckcherry's seventh studio album and sees them singing about their favourite subject... girls. Read our review here.
on Aug 29, 2015

8 / 10

Panic! At The Disco return with their first single in two years and set things up nicely for their long-awaited fifth album.
on Jun 04, 2015


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