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Gearhead owner/operator, Michelle Haunold Lorenz, joins us to share her thoughts on the struggles of launching and re-launching a record label and curating the Gearfest festival, and why it’s all worth it in the end.
on Sep 22, 2018
While recently in Los Angeles on tour with Weedeater, we caught up with speedy hardcore punks Zeke to chat about their reformation, touring and new release via Relapse Records, Hellbender.
on Jul 20, 2018
Los Angeles-based female-fronted rock quintet, The Longing have just released the official “What If” music video and we’ve got the debut!
on May 12, 2018
The fandom of Reverend Beat-Man is cult-like in proportion. We caught the Voodoo Rhythm Records blues trash artist at Alex’s Bar on April 28th along with Thee Swank Bastards and Spindrift.
on May 11, 2018

7/10 / 10

Today, this record is likely to be well-received considering the overall growth of the heavy music scene throughout the years.
on May 03, 2018
3 Cheers to Nothing marks an evolution in Trinity Sarratt’s songwriting and an introduction to a well-curated crew of collaborators in her life.
on Apr 24, 2018
Definitely, a compelling record from a unique band.
on Mar 27, 2018
If you’re a fan of later era Varukers and skate punk groups such as 7 Seconds and No Mercy, this album is for you!
on Mar 22, 2018
Take Off Your Clothes has 11 tracks that demonstrate and prove The Goon Mat and Lord Benardo's aptitude and appreciation for the roots music but injects some hard-edged boogie.
on Feb 12, 2018
"We're going back to speed rock with this, that's the plan" exclaims Against The Grain drummer, Rob Nowak, about their fourth LP, Cheated Death, in 2017.
on Feb 06, 2018
A short but sweet single, now you know about them but still need to hear them.
on Feb 05, 2018


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