Mike Bax

Mike Bax

Managing Editor, Canada (Kitchener, ON, Canada)
- One day back in 2006, I got drunk with a friend and we decided to start a music magazine. That one lasted a few years. For many reasons, I folded that magazine and immediately started ANOTHER music magazine. That one made it another 6 years. During these many years, I’d run into Chris Gonda a lot. He always said "We should work together." Now we are. We both want global media domination. Full stop.
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Fans that hit Maxwell’s in Waterloo, ON on November 2nd enjoyed seeing a stadium-level show in a small club. Steve Harris and his British Lion project wowed the crowd after Coney Hatch brought the nostalgia.
on Nov 08, 2018

7.5 / 10

Chevelle continues to deliver inspired heavy rock, album after album, even here on a cull of their b-sides. Play it loud, and play it lots!
on Oct 30, 2018
Earlier this year, Los Angeles-based three-piece atmospheric guitar band, Nightmare Air, dropped their sophomore album Fade Out via Nevado Records. We caught up with the band to chat Gary Numan, music, and more!
on Oct 22, 2018
Kelly Jones and guitarist extraordinaire Adam Zindani of UK band Stereophonics joined us recently for a conversation touching on David Bowie, The Tragically Hip, and more before their show at Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall.
on Oct 16, 2018
As a Canadian release, this album is unlike anything one might expect to emerge from Toronto. Drenched in Horroh’s thick Manc accent, Salt of the Earth comes off like something that's risen out of the sweat-soaked nightclubs in the UK.
on Oct 12, 2018
We spoke with Kingdome Come drummer James Kottak about getting the band back together, the olden days of the hard-partying 1980s heavy metal scene, and their thirtieth anniversary tour.
on Oct 11, 2018
Before this announcement, the only full studio album Patrick and Liesegang wrote together was the Short Bus album, one of the fiercest studio albums to emerge on the music scene in 1995.
on Oct 04, 2018
A musical entity for over fifty years, The Guess Who are synonymous with Canadian rock n’ roll. We recently connected with Rudy Sarzo, one of the best-known bassists in modern rock, to talk music, new albums and Randy Rhoads.
on Oct 03, 2018
We had a lengthy chat with Ultraphonix bassist Pancho Tomaselli about the band’s new album Original Human Music, his work with Tower Of Power, War, The Animals, Eric Burdon and more!
on Oct 01, 2018
Approach The Vacancy, the debut release from Four Seconds Ago, the electro-ambient side project of Periphery’s Misha Mansoor and Jake Bowen, as a 50 minute (mostly) instrumental experience, and just enjoy the ride.
on Oct 01, 2018
“Insidious” is a perfect descriptor for this follow-up to 2016’s Fever Daydream. “Sublime,” “majestic,” and “addictive,” are a few more adjectives I’d attach to Infinite Games, an album that slowly boils into an audio experience unlike anything else on the planet.
on Sep 27, 2018
Nothing More recently performed in Toronto and guitarist Mark Vollelunga sat with us in the green room area of Budweiser Stage and answered questions while lead singer Jonny Hawkins wrestled with a trainer a few feet to our left behind the sofa.
on Sep 27, 2018
A name synonymous with synthesizer music for forty years now, Gary Numan spoke with us prior to his Toronto date at The Phoenix Concert Theatre about his latest record Savage, his bandmates, and his longevity.
on Sep 17, 2018
Stereophonics, featuring Kelly Jones and co., delivered a Tragically Hip-friendly performance at Danforth Music Hall, including Hip drummer Johnny Fay, not to mention openers The Ramona Flowers.
on Sep 16, 2018
This concert was a gift of metal. What this evening wound up being was a two-hour love-in celebrating metal with some of the best amongst the genre’s performers. Metal Allegiance and openers Venom Inc rocked Gramercy Theatre!
on Sep 15, 2018
Judas Priest and Deep Purple are two bands synonymous with the genres of hard rock and heavy metal. Seeing them perform Hamilton, ON’s FirstOntario Centre on the same concert bill like this was a real treat.
on Sep 03, 2018
Arriving September 21st, via Spinefarm Records, Dominion is the newest album from Dragonlord, Eric Peterson’s (Testament) solo project. Dominion will be Peterson’s third solo album, and it’s easily his most ambitious Dragonlord album to date.
on Aug 29, 2018
While The Dead Daisies fall into the category of a relatively new band, the players in the group do not. Seeing them live is like watching a thirty-year-strong band perform. The group recently hit The Phoenix Concert Theatre for a show with Hookers & Blow.
on Aug 27, 2018
Rainier Fog puts it all on the line; chugging guitars, pounding bass riffs, killer drums and signature William DuVall/Jerry Cantrell high/low harmonic choruses that can be called nothing but classic Alice in Chains.
on Aug 17, 2018
The ninth edition of Heavy Montréal just wrapped and holy cow was it a memorable weekend. With over 50 bands spread out over the two-day festival, drawing in more than 27,000 fans, here are 10 ten things we learned this year.
on Aug 06, 2018


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