Mike Wardlaw

Mike Wardlaw

Line Editor (Toronto, ON, Canada)
- Mike is a PureGrain vet back for round two, always searching for new ways to write about the music he loves. A musician, punk rock fan, and selective sports-guru, he’s on the lookout for music that pushes boundaries, challenges assumptions, and generally just causes mass hysteria.
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Vance Kotrla, the frontman of indie-folk purveyors Sci-Fi Romance, joins us for this exclusive guest blog to detail the creative process behind the band’s recent single, “Voices”, and corresponding, comic book-based video.
on Nov 15, 2018
Toronto’s indie-folk darlings, Birds of Bellwoods just released their debut full-length, Victoria and, to celebrate this monumental event, we are happy to have the band join us for a hilarious list of their Top 10 first Canadian tour pit stops.
on Nov 13, 2018
Genre bending rap-rockers Oxymorrons eagerly take the opportunity to give us insight into one half of their personality by listing, in no particular order, their TOP 10 favourite metal and hardcore bands.
on Nov 06, 2018
Unwill, poised to self-release their newest record, Can’t Kill Me, on November 16th, joins us for this iteration of our Stereo Six series to reveal six albums (5 classics and 1 curveball) fundamental to their scintillating music.
on Nov 01, 2018
San Fran atmospheric rockers The Living lend us vocalist/guitarist Derek Barnes for an insightful track-by-track rundown of their recently dropped album, Drinking From The Trough Of A Tyrant’s Piss.
on Oct 30, 2018
Mad Hawkes, a smooth synth-rock purveyor hailing from the South Bay of Los Angeles, joins us for some behind-the-song enlightenment on her amazing opportunity to work with Parts + Labor Records owner/producer Jimmy Messer in creating her newest track, “FACE PNCH”.
on Oct 29, 2018
Greg Rekus, now over a year and a half since the release of his third full-length album, Sibling Cities, joins us for to detail a snapshot of his mind after beginning a three-month tour in his hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba.
on Oct 27, 2018
Riley Rowe, one half of of Pomona, California’s Kinkshamer, joins us to detail the TOP 10 kinky metal bands, with specific songs and kinks for each group.
on Oct 08, 2018
Quebec City rockers Jet Black are generously offering their fuzzy, shoegaze song, “All is Wrong“, as a free download, so grab the track and give in to the catchy meditations on the failures of capitalism.
on Oct 05, 2018
The Silencer, a melodic death metal band from New York, join us for this exclusive post to promote their newest video/single, “Within”, and discuss the mental health issues the song touches on.
on Oct 04, 2018
With humour, self-deprecation, and lots of gear talk, LA rockers VIKINGO! join us for an exclusive blog post about the experience of recording their recent Set It On Fire EP.
on Oct 03, 2018
For this segment of our Women of Rock series, we are happy to have Nikki Zell - whose vox and guitar efforts are vital to her group Thrillchaser’s sleek and approachable pop sound - list five female icons who have inspired her as a woman and artist.
on Oct 02, 2018
Hailing from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, A Light Divided is a metal/pop quintet led by the powerhouse vocals of front woman Jaycee Clark, who joined us for this Women of Rock segment to highlight some of her favourite female-led musical acts.
on Sep 19, 2018
Hailing from the hardcore/punk/emo hotbed of Long Island, New York, Staleworth and Crash the Calm recently combined to release a split EP on Downport Records.
on Sep 17, 2018
Sam Wolstenholme, front woman for Brisbane, Australia’s Seraphic, joins us for our newest Women of Rock instalment to give us her favourite Australian metal bands led by female vocalists.
on Sep 10, 2018
UK pop-punkers Eat Defeat participate in our latest Stereo Six, where they list five albums (and one unpredictable curveball album) that have influenced their music, including their newest Bearded Punk Records release, I Think We’ll Be Ok.
on Sep 10, 2018
Sails of Serenity join us for another Stereo Six to give us five records (and one curveball) that helped shape their most recent release, The Crossing, which dropped August 17th via Famined Records.
on Sep 03, 2018
Cincinnati, Ohio’s rock n’ roll supergroup Cool Life (featuring members of Foxy Shazam, The Skulx, Cadaver Dogs, and Honeyspiders) join us for Stereo Six: a listing of five albums that define who and what they are today, and one unusual curveball.
on Aug 30, 2018
Quite familiar with pummelling ears with crushing walls of sonic, Netherlands bassist Chealsea “Thee Chuq” Wierbonski joins us for the newest entry in our Women of Rock series to give us five female acts she’s seriously digging.
on Aug 20, 2018
Recorded at the Foo Fighter’s Studio 606 with Steve Evetts, Denver, Colorado’s In The Whale dropped their snarling, slamming EP Dopamine on August 3rd. We’re super-stoked the guys dished on the tracks’ meanings.
on Aug 16, 2018


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