Mike Wardlaw

Mike Wardlaw

Line Editor (Toronto, ON, Canada)
- Mike is a PureGrain vet back for round two, always searching for new ways to write about the music he loves. A musician, punk rock fan, and selective sports-guru, he’s on the lookout for music that pushes boundaries, challenges assumptions, and generally just causes mass hysteria.
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Liz Mauritz, lead vocalist for Austin, Texas-based pop-punk group Gold Steps, delivers a fantastic guest blog detailing various Easter Eggs in the video for their newest single, “Empty Space.”
on May 17, 2019
Montreal native and art-rock connoisseur Jesse Mac Cormack lends some insight into his newest record, “Now” (out May 3rd on Secret City Records), with a track-by-track rundown of its ten dreamy, explorative songs.
on May 16, 2019
Norwegian ambient rocker Sylvaine drops a Stereo Six listing six albums that helped shape her newest record, Atoms Aligning, Coming Undone - out now via Season of Mist.
on May 06, 2019
Mistina La Fave, bassist and vocalist of Portland, Oregan’s shoegaze renaissance connoisseurs, The Prids, joins us for our Women of Rock series to curate a list of 5 female-centric groups/artists that have influenced her own musical journey.
on Apr 30, 2019
iDKHow’s Dallon Weekes drops a fantastic track-by-track breakdown for the acerbic yet slick, six-song 1981 Extended Play that’s out now on Fearless Records.
on Apr 26, 2019
The guys from Glassing - an Austin, TX-based post-hardcore three-piece - join us for a Stereo Six to detail six records that shaped their upcoming album, Spotted Horse, out May 17th via Brutal Panda Records.
on Apr 25, 2019
Nashville, Tennessee’s indie rockers The Pressure Kids join us for this Stereo Six entry to list the records that helped inspire the band’s debut, self-titled EP.
on Apr 22, 2019
Accompanying the April 12th (today) release of the EP Eaton Super 10, Jackson Wargo, the creative mind behind indie shoegaze band Snowball ii, highlights the Top 10 shoegaze albums you may have missed.
on Apr 12, 2019
Fresh off the March 1st release of their fourth full-length, bi/MENTAL, via Rise Records, Mexican garage punkers Le Butcherettes lend us vocalist/guitarist Teri Gender Bender for a Women of Rock session to list five of her current favourite female acts.
on Mar 20, 2019
Essex’s maverick musical genius, Scott Lavene is bringing his specific brand of alt/indie rock to the masses with the debut album, Broke, out June 7th via Funnel Music. Get to know the man by checking out his wildly absurd “Alternative Guide to NYC”; a hilarious whirlwind sure to define your next trip to NYC.
on Mar 20, 2019
Louise Lemón, a riveting, powerful force hot off the released of her new album, A Broken Heart is an Open Heart, out March 15th via Icons Creating Evil Art, joins our Women of Rock ranks with five female-centric acts that helped shape her new record.
on Mar 18, 2019
South Carolina indie rock/dream pop quartet, A Fragile Tomorrow are fresh of the release of their psychedelic, meditative record Generation Loss and band member Sean Kelly joins us with the Top 10 “Things Every Artist Should Know When They Start Out.”
on Mar 08, 2019
Northern Ireland’s Jealous of the Birds, aka Naomi Hamilton, joins us fresh off the release of the Wisdom Teeth EP, to list her favourite gender progressive artists as part of our Women of Rock series.
on Feb 14, 2019
Out of My Way are an up-and-coming Swedish pop-punk trio who happily curated their own list of the Top 10 emerging Scandinavian pop-punk bands to keep an eye on.
on Jan 24, 2019
Set It Off are dropping their Fearless Records debut, Midnight, on February 1st, and we have the band’s vocalist, Cody Carson, joining us to list his Top 5 most anticipated video games of 2019.
on Jan 09, 2019
Fresh off their newest album, Make Room (out October 19th on Uncool Records), Destroy Boys join us for another Women of Rock installment to give us the five female-inclusive groups they are loving right now.
on Dec 21, 2018
In another of our exciting Stereo Six installments, we’re happy to have Big Lonely’s own Jake Heise join us to detail five classic albums (and one curveball) that influenced Bad Magic, the band’s most recent release.
on Dec 20, 2018
Rambunctious pop-punkers Hello, Atlantic, who recently dropped their newest single, “Night Life”, join us to showcase their lighter side by listing their TOP 10 fun facts about their home state of Rhode Island.
on Dec 19, 2018
Undeck the Halls! Detachment, a five-piece metalcore band hailing from Long Island, NY, celebrate their recent single, “Million Eyes”, by joining us with their TOP 10 songs to detach from Christmas.
on Dec 13, 2018
Focused, who recently released his Bad Meat LP, is a Toronto-based rapper who joins us to chronicle his journey through the technologically evolving music scene of the last two decades.
on Dec 07, 2018


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