Mike Wardlaw

Mike Wardlaw

Line Editor (Toronto, ON, Canada)
- Mike is a PureGrain vet back for round two, always searching for new ways to write about the music he loves. A musician, punk rock fan, and selective sports-guru, he’s on the lookout for music that pushes boundaries, challenges assumptions, and generally just causes mass hysteria.
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7.5 / 10

This is what a split should always be; complimentary style, tight musicianship and two halves that make a stronger whole.
By on Jul 19, 2010

7 / 10

Long live Factory Records. Lost and boarded up years ago, with its founder now passed away, the label and its influence still profoundly affects toda…
By on Jul 19, 2010

6 / 10

We Are Scientists’ new disc, titled Barbara, falls short of the line initially watermarked by their major label debut With Love and Squalor and fails…
By on Jul 15, 2010

8 / 10

It’s rare that the term emo can still be applied to anything decently interesting or original - those days of lore are long dead and gone - but More…
By on Jun 22, 2010

7 / 10

Muckafurgason’s The Pink Album takes a bit of an open mind to fully appreciate, but, once you can wrap your head around the fact that this isn’t your…
By on Jun 15, 2010

9.5 / 10

It’s been almost a month since the release of The National’s new disc High Violet, and it’s easy to understand how they’ve become just about the mos…
By on Jun 07, 2010

5.5 / 10

Here’s the current attraction to the Flatliners: the new album was recorded in Woodbridge, Ontario, the band originated in and around the GTA and the…
By on Jun 07, 2010


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