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Buckcherry’s rise and fall has been well documented, as the band heads into Confessions. Sitting down with’s Mitch Lafon in mid-February, frontman Josh Todd walks us through the band’s painstaking efforts to make the album they wanted to make and stay true to their vision of what it means to be Buckcherry in 2013.
on Mar 13, 2013
Anthrax drummer, Charlie Benante, sat down with’s Mitch Lafon to discuss the band’s latest release, Anthems. The drummer, who has been on and off the road for the past year with the renowned metal band, sheds light on the process and the group's future recording plans.
on Mar 06, 2013
Bon Jovi brought a set heavy with sugar coated ballads to a swooning Montreal audience on the first night of two shows in the city. The band has moved on from being a must-see rock act to being a curiosity for those who remember 1989. Seeing the band live was once a badge of honour, now it's simply an excuse to get out of the house and let someone else do homework with the kids. Would be nice to see the band rip into older material like "In And Out Of Love", but those days are gone forever.
on Feb 18, 2013
Bassist Jason Newsted cut his teeth with Arizona-based band Flotsam and Jetsam before heavy metal heroes Metallica came knocking at his door. With the band, he helped define a genre as Metallica reinvented metal with their widely popular Metallica album (known by most as "The Black Album"). After leaving the group, Jason set out with his own project Echobrain and eventually filled in the bassist slot with Ozzy Osbourne’s touring band, and even had a brief stint with Quebec metallers Voivod. Now Jason's back, this time with his project Newsted. The group recently released a brilliant EP titled simply, Metal, which around the time of this interview, had just sold out. Newsted sat down with PureGrainAudio writer and Dropping The Needle Podcast host, Mitch Lafon, to discuss his storied career and what the future holds.
on Jan 28, 2013
Chris Buck & The Big Horns are the latest discovery by industry veteran, Alan Niven (of Guns N’ Roses and Great White fame). Their style is somewhere between early ‘70s Aerosmith, classic ZZ Top and the swagger of a young Stevie Ray Vaughan. Their initial offering to the masses is the brilliantly constructed Postcards From Capricorn album - a seven song forty-three minute how-to guide of blues rock.
on Jan 27, 2013
Godsmack frontman, Sully Erna, took a left turn from the world of heavy metal in 2010 releasing his first solo album, Avalon; a disc with music inspired by renowned world fusion artist, Dead Can Dance.
on Jan 23, 2013
Rival Sons is the brainchild of American-born guitarist Scott Holiday and is a band that has been bubbling under the surface of mainstream recognition for the last few years.
on Jan 08, 2013
ZZ Top barnstormed into the Bell Centre in Montreal on November 7th, 2012 delivering their own version of Southern Fried rock with precision to a welcoming crowd. Biggest cheers were, of course, reserved for their '80s triple crown of "Sharped Dressed Man", "Legs" and "Gimme All Your Lovin'".
on Dec 12, 2012
Long before the mutiny in Queensrÿche that ended with his ouster from the band, Geoff Tate had locked himself away in a studio working on Kings & Thieves (his second solo album). The first album stretched Tate’s creative boundaries, but left many fans confused. This time out, Tate had to prove that he can still rock and further needed to make an album that would ensure Queensrÿche fans stuck around for the party. Tate sat down with PureGrainAudio’s Mitch Lafon to discuss his very tumultuous 2012 and his plans for the future.
on Nov 22, 2012
Aerosmith is a band divided into three very specific fan bases. Those who loved the gritty dirty rock n’ roll of their '70s albums (Toys In The Attic, Rocks), the 'hair metal' crowd of the '80s (Permanent Vacation, Pump) and the Top 40/American Idol faithful who think "I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing" is sheer brilliance. So, how does the band keep everyone happy? Simple, release an album with twenty songs that has a little something for everyone.
on Nov 11, 2012
Detroit, Michigan-based thrash metal band Battlecross chatted with PureGrainAudio's Mitch at Heavy TL 2012. The Metal Blade Records artist talked about their upcoming plans and much more in this quick video interview.
on Nov 02, 2012
Black Label Society took over Montreal's Le Métropolis on October 20th, 2012. A blistering display of riffs and bone-crushing metal was served to the locals who loved every minute. Oh, the brutality - Montreal conquered!
on Nov 02, 2012

8.3 / 10

KISS’ Monster is the second release by the current lineup featuring Tommy Thayer (guitar) and Eric Singer (drums). Advancing on the musical path that 2009’s Sonic Boom took, Monster is an album to be judged by 2012 standards and as such is a great rock record! Whether songs like the debut single "Hell Or Hallelujah" finds its place in the heart and minds of longtime KISS fans is anyone’s guess. Are the songs on the same level as 1970’s KISS? Probably not, but it shouldn't matter!
on Oct 26, 2012
Aerosmith’s Music From Another Dimension was eleven years in the making and was originally slated to be released in August 2012. Prior to that time, I was given the opportunity to sit down with bassist, Tom Hamilton. At the time we discussed the 25th anniversary of their landmark album, Permanent Vacation, upcoming tour plans and much more. With the album delayed however, the interview was more window dressing than promo for the new disc. At the time it was promised that a second interview would happen and as we approached the release date and Aerosmith’s team came through without hesitation. In this, my second interview with Tom this year, he addresses the band’s duet with Carrie Underwood, working with Jack Douglas and whether or not he thinks KISS is a "comic book" band (as his bandmate, Steven Tyler, recently suggested).
on Oct 26, 2012
Rush brought their "Clockwork Angels Tour" to a near sold out crowd in Montreal this Fall. The band delivered a set heavy on new music and light on the classics. Die-hard fans got a real treat whereas fair-weather fans we left sitting on their hands.
on Oct 25, 2012
Anthrax, an original member of thrash's "BIG FOUR", brought their "Worship Music Tour" to Montreal on October 2nd.
on Oct 12, 2012
We caught up with Anthrax bassist Frank Bello and lead guitarist Rob Caggiano moments before the band's October 2nd show in Montreal. Together they discussed the group's last effort Worship Music, John Bush-era songs, the upcoming covers album project, touring and much more.
on Oct 05, 2012
German metalers Accept invaded Montreal's Le Métropolis on September 10th, 2012 as part of their "Teutonic Terror Attack" package tour with fellow country men, Kreator. Since changing lead singers a few years ago, Accept are reborn thanks mostly to the energy and power vocals that new singer, Mark Tornillo, brings to the band. Having first seen Accept live in 1983, I can truly say the band's live shows have only gotten more poignant and powerful as time moves on. Do yourself a favor and catch Accept live as soon as possible. They are a force to be reckoned with!
on Sep 14, 2012
PureGrainAudio's Mitch Lafon sat down with ACCEPT guitarist Wolf Hoffman in Montreal on September 10, 2012. The two discussed the band's latest effort 'Stalingrad' as well as their current tour with Kreator. They also went on to talk about Wolf's carpentry and photography, and how Don Dokken was "discovered".
on Sep 13, 2012
'Dropping The Needle' podcast is very excited to announce that the next episode, being recorded Thursday August 30th at 3pm PT, will feature our first special guest, Ron Young lead singer and founding member of Little Caesar. Ron will join Michael Brandvold and Mitch Lafon in discussing music and is sure to have some great stories and amazing insights. Making this episode even more special is the fact that Ron has agreed to close the podcast with a A Cappella performance of "I Wish It Would Rain."
on Sep 09, 2012


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