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Nicholas Dunn

Writer (Cathays, Cardiff, England)
- Nick is talking about music. It's best just to let him.
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9 / 10

In simple terms, JP Ahonen’s Belzebubs is a mockumentary. Imagine a black metal version of Spinal Tap, with the silliness and humour turned up to 11. If you know anything about metal, though, you’ll appreciate the wry humour, which clearly comes from a deep-seated love of all things kvlt.
on Mar 22, 2019
As intensely personal as it is universally accessible, Fedrespor’s sophomore effort, Fra en Vugge i Fjellet, out now via Nordvis Produktion, is an exercise in overcoming grief and searching for hope.
on Mar 15, 2019
Catch Prichard, an up-and-coming indie singer-songwriter from the U.S., pays homage to his influences such as Leonard Cohen on Utter Disbelief. Unfortunately, we wish he would have done a little more to stand out for himself.
on Feb 20, 2019
Ukraine’s premier stoner metal band Stoned Jesus have brought us their fourth album, via Napalm Records, in the shape of Pilgrims. We sat down with vocalist, guitarist, and lyricist Igor Sydorenko to dig into the record and its genesis.
on Sep 21, 2018
Void Ritual’s Death is Peace represents the sharp end of grief, the white-hot anger that broils and writhes and lashes out, and yet is tempered by the depressing fact of one’s own inevitable demise.
on Aug 08, 2018

8.5 / 10

Khemmis have achieved a fine balance between the swaggering melodic styles and thunderous rhythms of Iron Maiden and the abyssal emotional depths of YOB on Desolation, bringing the listener an album that feels confident and assured.
on Jul 11, 2018
Mike Scheidt has turned his recent and terrifying experiences into an incredible work of heartfelt music. Our Raw Heart is an accomplished album from YOB, sure to keep resonating with listeners for years to come.
on Jul 09, 2018
A long-awaited evening of artistry and emotion with Maynard James Keenan, Billy Howerdel, and the rest of A Perfect Circle at Brixton O2 Academy, with Talos in support.
on Jun 20, 2018
After a mercifully brief hiatus, Sweden’s favourite retro-stoners Graveyard are back with their fifth offering Peace. A very strong contender for album of the year, it knocks every other “summer soundtrack” flat.
on May 30, 2018
From the packed-out pub rooms to the rafters of the Koko and the Roundhouse, rumbling basslines shook the earth, and spliff-based riffs rang out loud and proud. This is Desertfest!
on May 23, 2018
With debut album Glitter and Spit looking set to propel them into the spotlight, we sat down with London-based rock duo The Pearl Harts for April’s “190 Proof” artist of the month feature.
on Apr 25, 2018
Giving it everything, no matter how small your audience, is the mark of a true artist. Standing firmly for this, Louise Distras, with The Pearl Harts and Hypnosister, all put everything into the show in Newport’s Le Pub on 12th April.
on Apr 19, 2018
Folk music speaks to the primal creature within us. Ulvesang’s new album The Hunt speaks of our interaction with nature, and how we should think about the ways in which we live within it.
on Mar 20, 2018
A very strong debut, and far greater than the sum of its influences, Glitter and Spit shows definitively that The Pearl Harts have a seriously good future ahead of them.
on Mar 02, 2018
Aaron Buchanan & The Cult Classics are the greatest stadium rock band you’ve never heard of. Well, they will be.
on Feb 23, 2018
Polish group Batushka were on stage at Bristol’s Thekla on 12th January.
on Jan 13, 2018


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