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Writer (Phoenix, AZ, USA)
- Hi, My name is Nikos and I like long strolls through metal festivals all over the world, deep conversations about metal, movies about metal, Taco Tuesdays and Pugs.
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Psycho Las Vegas 2018 touched down in the awesomeness that is Las Vegas earlier this month. We take you right into this year's festival with our TOP 7 observations of what we found to be worth mentioning at this year's metal fest of the summer.
on Aug 27, 2018
If we were to describe Mantar’s new Nuclear Blast release The Modern Art of Setting Ablaze in terms of baseball, we would say that they emphatically knocked it out of the park. It’s searingly brutal.
on Aug 13, 2018
For the third year in a row, Psycho Las Vegas will be making its presence felt in the “Entertainment Capital of The World.” We’ve compiled a list of the TOP 7 things you ought to do while hitting up one of the #metal events of the summer.
on Aug 02, 2018
The short and nasty of it is that this album has enough grit and groove throughout the whole recording while making your ears happy and enriching your soul.
on Jun 25, 2018

7.5 / 10

“Burn You Down” is the strongest track overall. It plods and gallops with enough room to let Kayla work her magic within the rhythmic framework. This is the equivalent of musical ecstasy. This is Witch Mountain at their best.
on May 28, 2018
When Fu Manchu plays in Phoenix, Arizona, it is sort of a rarity… similar to it actually snowing on the mountains that surround the metropolis that locals refer to as the “Valley of the Sun.”
on May 16, 2018
Al Jourgensen, although not so wordy on stage, says a lot via the Ministry platform.
on Mar 24, 2018

7.5 / 10

RoadkillSoda’s latest offering, Mephobia, is a definite must-add to any of your road-ready playlists.
on Oct 20, 2017
We threw a dream catcher at Elvis DD, bassist for the kick-ass southern rock-rooted Hogjaw, and he said, "Fuck that, give me The Pentagram instead!!!"
on Sep 30, 2017
We chucked a crusty pentagram at Phobia vocalist Shane McLachlan and got this grindcore-approved reply in return! A7X is dumb, Jesus is shit, and grindcore won't get you laid.
on Jul 19, 2017
Let’s not beat around the Pentagram, Venom Inc. IS the “true” Venom. With a new album, Avé, due via Nuclear Blast we threw a pentagram the band's way....
on Jul 11, 2017
We threw The Pentagram at In the Presence of Wolves and not only got back some over-the-top responses, but also a plethora of sheet music and off-the-cuff new music to boot!
on Jun 01, 2017

7.5 / 10

If you are a true heavy metal connoisseur and purist worshipping only those bands that were around when it was a subgenre all by itself, then Cirith Ungol is for you!
on May 09, 2017
When we threw The Pentagram at Nashville, Tennessee's Season of Arrows, we expected it to be returned to us covered in rhinestones and faded denim. Thankfully, it came back to us safe and metal-as-fuck!
on Apr 08, 2017
Blackhearts does an excellent job delving into the unique culture of Black Metal and its place of birth, Norway.
on Mar 22, 2017
I don’t get it. There is a tonne of hype out there regarding Mothership and after giving High Strangeness its fair share of spins, I don’t see what the hoopla is about.
on Mar 07, 2017

8.5 / 10

Well, I’m here to tell you that Sanctuary’s Inception not only stands up to this century’s thrash releases, it annihilates the majority of them.
on Feb 22, 2017
This is great technical death metal and my only complaint is that whole EP clocks in at just over 15 minutes. I was just getting into it when it ended!
on Feb 13, 2017
We start 2017’s Pentagram with Curezum. Who the hell are they? Just juxtapose The Cure and Burzum and voila, you have the most misery-laden, tribute band caked in black and white makeup. Get depressed!
on Feb 09, 2017

8 / 10

"The Clarity" is an atypical Sleep song clocking in at around 10 minutes in length, consisting of 3 bar chords and hints that it was recorded at around 130 decibels, give or take.
on Feb 01, 2017


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