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Australia’s greatest and most enduring songwriter, Paul Kelly, is being celebrated on Songs From The South 1985-2019, a brilliant career summary avai…
By on Jan 24, 2020
Tidal’s biggest pro is that it is the only service that offers completely lossless audio. In simple terms, the quality is far better. Does this make i…
By on Jul 21, 2019

7.5 / 10

Feersum Ennjin's debut self-titled album will release November 22, 2011. Featuring two former members of Tool, bassist Paul D'Mour and drummer Danny…
By on Nov 04, 2011

8 / 10

The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack: Deluxe Edition (11.27.2008)
By on May 25, 2009
Sgt. Hetfield's Motorbreath Pub Band (07.10.2007)
By on May 13, 2009
Kiss the Crystal Flake (04.03.2007)
By on Oct 09, 2008
Stop Drop and Roll!!! (05.20.2008)
By on Oct 09, 2008
Self-Titled [EP] (09.23.2008)
By on Oct 09, 2008

9.3 / 10

Death Magnetic (09.12.2008)
By on Oct 03, 2008

N/A / 10

Structure and Cosmetics (2007)
By on Jan 02, 2008

7.5 / 10

The End Of The World (2007)
By on Nov 14, 2007

7.0 / 10

Under The Blacklight (2007)
By on Nov 13, 2007

6.9 / 10

...And Your City Needs Swallowing (2007)
By on Nov 09, 2007

5 / 10

I’m a metal fan. While it’s not my primary genre of choice, there are certainly some metal records—from varying spokes under the umbrella—that I keep…
By on Oct 15, 2007

7.5 / 10

Throughout this five-song EP, with a 30-second sing-a-long at the end, is a series of short, jumpy pop songs that are so hooktastic they are extremel…
By on Sep 08, 2007
Silverstein is a five-piece powerhouse that emerged from the hardcore/emo rock scene in 2000. Since forming in Burlington, Ontario they’ve experienc…
By on Jan 31, 2007
The Marble Index. Sound familiar? The name, which originated from a solo record by former Velvet Underground chanteuse, Nico, has now resurrected i…
By on Nov 15, 2006

9.7 / 10

I can think of few greater challenges for an artist than the weight of immense expectation. It is for this reason that we are often met with disappo…
By on Oct 23, 2006
In a world of diversity, it only seems appropriate that musical mastermind Daniel Victor would bring such diversity to the music industry. Born and…
By on Oct 04, 2006

7.5 / 10

If you haven’t heard of As I Lay Dying yet, you must be living under a rock. They are one of the biggest metalcore bands to come out of the whole ge…
By on Aug 11, 2006


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