Shawna Ballik

Say Anything has undergone countless metamorphoses since their formation in Los Angeles, California in 2000 – starting with their name, which was ini…
By on Apr 23, 2010
Breathe Electric is the brainchild of Chicago, Illinois native Grant Harris. A mix of electronic, rock, pop, and a touch of hip hop, Harris’ music is…
By on Apr 02, 2010
With their experimental, post-hardcore-esque sound, DD/MM/YYYY (read: Day Month Year) is one of only two Toronto-area bands acknowledged by Alternati…
By on Mar 24, 2010
Growing up, I was a pop princess. The most influential bands of my childhood were *N Sync, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Mariah Carey, and Five (sorr…
By on Mar 20, 2009

7.0 / 10

Venus Doom (2007)“Leave all behind now to watch her crawl through our dark gardens of insanity She’ll be the light to guide you back home Just give h…
By on Jan 07, 2008
Neil Young is easily the most influential musician in Canadian history. Born in Toronto in 1945 to sports writer Scott Young and his wife, Rassy, he…
By on Dec 08, 2007

7.0 / 10

Do You Feel? (2007)
By on Nov 10, 2007

8 / 10

Named for Civ’s record of the same name, Set Your Goals was dubbed by Alternative Press’ Tim Karan as “New Found Glory on eight cans of Red Bull.” T…
By on Nov 24, 2006
We caught up with AFI bassist, Hunter Burgan, in early May to discuss Decemberunderground and all that it encompasses.
By on Nov 10, 2006
When a band’s members come from big-name groups like Blink-182, The Offspring, Boxcar Racer, and The Distillers, two things can happen: 1. They will…
By on Oct 23, 2006

8.5 / 10

Walking Papers (2006)
By on Aug 10, 2006
Ever heard the name Kenny Bridges? No? How about Peter Krpan, Erik Hughes, or Hippy Hughes? Still nothing? Well, know them. And know them well,…
By on Jul 26, 2006
Ah, Orange County. Home of surf, sand, bikinis, and... Thrice? I was a little shocked by that, I must admit, and when I was given the heads-up about…
By on Jul 16, 2006
Another Silverstein interview? What? No, no it’s not. I mean, yes, it’s with Shane Told, and yes, he’s the frontman for Silverstein... but if you thi…
By on Apr 13, 2006
I’d be a liar if I said I was a diehard Hostage Life fan before ever doing this interview. In fact... I’m not positive I’d ever even heard of them.…
By on Apr 12, 2006

9.0 / 10

Greatest Hits (2005)
By on Apr 08, 2006

7.5 / 10

Tomorrow is Dead [EP] (2005)
By on Mar 24, 2006
Toronto, and southern Ontario in general, has become a virtual breeding ground for bands. Back in December, I hit the Underground Operations show and…
By on Mar 19, 2006

9.0 / 10

Self-Titled [EP] (2006)
By on Mar 09, 2006

6.0 / 10

Live It Out (2005)
By on Mar 02, 2006


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