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The Canadian Thanksgiving weekend was upon us and for October, it was a damn warm night. 28 degrees Celsius; nuts, yes, but a good way to foreshadow the events of the night. Kicking the night off with a bang was Toronto's own, white-shirt clad, Dancing With Paris. Definitely the heaviest of the night, these boys always put on a good show and never disappoint. DWP's set had a good mix of old favourites and tracks off their new album, The Drought.
on Oct 15, 2011
Toronto's Fatality is helping to bring you some straight up thrash metal, old school! Sexy dancers help amp up their high energy show, but to achieve the sound he needs, guitarist Eytan Gordon thanks his Mesa Boogie Mark V amp head. Check out what he has to say about it.
on Aug 29, 2011
Ontario natives, Uplift, have been working their asses off the past few years to bring their brand of positive hardcore to you. Recently guitarist Sam Checchia revealed what piece of equipment he feels helps him bring the energy and crunch behind his riffs. Check out what he had to say.
on Aug 26, 2011
If you're in the Montreal metal scene, or at least most places in Eastern Canada, you've probably met or are friends with "Big James" Arsenian of Endast. Though most people may think that vocalists may not have an in-depth opinion of the gear they use, James had some interesting things to tell us about his Shure 55SH Series II microphone. Check it out!
on Jul 14, 2011
Secrettes is making a name for themselves in the Toronto music scene and have just released their self-titled debut EP. Tickling the ivories, for lack of a better phrase, is Dan Miller aka "Wolf". Wolf recently took sometime to tell us, and you, all about his Roland JP-8000. Check out what he thinks of this crazy music box and why he uses it!
on Jun 13, 2011
Anthony Sestito has been performing and helping to record local acts in and around Toronto and the GTA for a while now. With his knowledge of the local scene and experience as a performance artist, he's assisted these locals to achieve success around in our surrounding area. Scroll down to check out what Anthony has to say about his favourite gear.
on Jun 11, 2011
The year was 2009 and the place was a Starbucks parking lot in Calgary, Alberta. After having warned their friend of the impending doom of his bicycle, a bunch of buddies from local bands doused three skids in gasoline, leaned their friends bike against them, and set it on fire. If that doesn't make you feel warm inside, enjoy the brief performance by Jenny & The Rolling Jay's before they, along with Inner City Elegance, make their getaway!
on Jun 08, 2011
Founded last spring over crossed wires, Secrettes are 2010's fastest indie breakout. Featuring a charismatic male/female singing duo, sharp guitars and bombastic keyboards, Secrettes just released their debut album, produced by Moe Berg, this May. Secrettes currently host a residency at The Rivoli called Pop With Brains.
on Jun 06, 2011
Sometimes your favourite hard rock artists like to tone it down a bit and play some softer music. This past Easter Brett Carruthers, of A Primitive Evolution, picked up an Autoharp and began jamming. Check out this video and enjoy the dynamics and range this artist has.
on May 27, 2011
April Wine… awesome! But wait! There are so many questions that arise from this video. Does April Wine support human trafficking? Who is driving the bus when they're all in the back? Could this video be any better? Are there questions I haven't even thought of? Check it out!
on May 18, 2011
This past week Dancing With Paris announce their co-headlining tour with the band Horizons that will be hitting venues across Eastern Canada this May/June. The tour is kicking off May 27th in North Bay, Ontario and rapping up June 18th in Mississauga, Ontario. The full tour dates are below.
on May 18, 2011
Rodrigo Wilde has been stirring up a storm in Toronto, Ontario and will soon be hitting the road. Currently in the studio recording their debut single, "Blazing", Mario Anzola talks about the Fender Stratocaster axe he wields to help get the dancey tunes going.
on May 17, 2011
Montreal's hot, new rock band, Endeavors, is currently building their fanbase with their sick, heavy riffs. Providing half the riffs for the band is guitarist Chris Adolph. Check out what Chris has to say about his Gibson Les Paul, what makes it his key piece of gear and see who signed the headstock!
on May 10, 2011
Backstage at the Air Canada Center in Toronto, Ontario; PureGrainAudio's Spencer Matulaitis sat down with John Moyer of Disturbed. The date was March 31st and the topics ranged from social media and fan questions to music and the amazing live show that Disturbed brings to the table.
on May 03, 2011
They may be smaller than the guitars, but they definitely know how to play; and whether this makes you laugh, cry or think we're just idiots, I think it's safe to say that these children are better than a number of the grown up, mainstream guitarists in North America today.
on Apr 26, 2011
A friend posted this on Facebook and I immediately felt the need to post it here. It's a very cool, full band version of Rage Against The Machine's "Bulls On Parade" mixed with "Killing In The Name". Check out the video and check out this school band from Fairfax, Virginia's George Mason University. Sweet!
on Apr 26, 2011
Dancing With Paris have announced the album title as well as the track titles for their upcoming full length album, over on their Tumlbr page. Click HERE to check it out. Don't forget, Dancing With Paris' debut album, 'There's Something In The Water', is still available absolutely free at THIS LOCATION.
on Apr 21, 2011
On March 31st, 2011, a perhaps over-excited Spencer Matulaitis sat backstage at the Air Canada Center in Toronto, Ontario with bass player Fieldy of the infamous band, Korn. The Q&A went over everything from Spencer's father's complete lack of metal knowledge (and Russian) to Fieldy's new band, Stillwell. Check it out!
on Apr 20, 2011
I'm sure most people won't find this as hilarious as I do, at least not for the same reasons I do. This video showcases 10 genres of metal and manages to demonstrate how generic each genre can be. Whether or not that is what the dude in the video was going for is beyond me; however, to be defined and categorized by a riff or two is ridiculous.
on Apr 07, 2011
The beats provided by Jean-Jacques Tartaglia, aka JJ, have been a major part in providing a distinguishable sound for the hip hop-tinged metal act, Final Trigger. JJ recently took the time to talk about his favourite piece of gear, his Ahead TC drumsticks. Check it out!
on Mar 29, 2011


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