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Journalist (Allestree, Derbyshire, England)
- I've written for a few places over the years, sharing the stuff that excites me, and now I'm here to do just that.
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Thy Messenger (out May 31st via Nuclear Blast Records) does what it intends to do; showing that Vader are as fired-up as ever, that there’s no dip in quality, and that they still sound like Vader – and long may it be so.
on May 22, 2019
Due May 10th via Spinefarm Records, new album Eternal Forward Motion is a big step forward for Employed To Serve. More emotional, engaging, and varied than previous releases, this album sees the band at the forefront of the UK metal scene.
on Apr 29, 2019

8.5 / 10

Out March 15th via Prosthetic Records, Vile Creature’s music and Preservation Rituals (2015-2018) is not for everyone. But, if you believe in the power of art to unite, to provide catharsis and understanding, in the power of metaphor and bold statement; and are willing to give these songs the time and patience they require, then this might be right for you.
on Mar 13, 2019

7.5 / 10

Out now via Svart Records, Demon Head’s latest occult rock offering, Hellfire Ocean Void, is the sound of a band staking their claim, and doing so in grand style.
on Mar 06, 2019
One of the most unusual things about Intersubjectivity is that the songs aren’t actually that unusual. Using home-made instruments to create abrasive, aggressive sounds, Cleaning Women are about to release their avant-garde new album via Svart Records.
on Feb 12, 2019
Under the Regolith, out via Tridroid Records, may not be the most memorable record you hear this month, but it’s certainly one of the more exciting, enjoyable, and fun ones - hats off to Antiverse!
on Feb 01, 2019

7.5 / 10

Out now via Steamhammer, Partisan demonstrates that Sodom have got through what could have been a risky period, emerging in fine form and with fire in their hearts.
on Jan 16, 2019
Practically nothing that hints Ævangelist’s Matricide in the Temple of Omega was written for the ears of anyone other than the twisted beings creating it. And yet, there is something addictive about it. Out via I, Voidhanger.
on Nov 16, 2018
Some thirty-plus listens on, ULTHA’s The Inextricable Wandering (Century Media) has revealed itself as one of the best metal albums of the past decade, let alone in the black metal sub-genre.
on Oct 28, 2018
Whilst A Storm of Light’s Anthroscene may not hit the same heights as their previous two albums, it is still a very good release, filled with a spirit of righteous protest and disgust at modern life.
on Oct 06, 2018

6.5 / 10

Behemoth intend for I Loved You at Your Darkest to be a grand album yet it is a record riddled with contradictions that mean it should not work; and yet somehow, it (mostly) does.
on Sep 06, 2018
Voluptuous Worship of Rapture and Response is hugely enjoyable and addictive “heavy negative wizard metal” from Rebel Wizard, out now on Prosthetic Records.
on Aug 29, 2018
Out now via Southern Lord, Jesus Piece’s Only Self is sure to be one of the year’s biggest hardcore albums; it more than lives up to expectations, and throws in a few (largely successful) curve-balls.
on Aug 28, 2018

8.5 / 10

Uniform put out stomping industrial riffs with a twist of melody. The Long Walk is an album that revels in its humanity, as pained, flawed, and contradictory as that spirit is.
on Aug 09, 2018
If the artwork turns you off, this record was never intended for you. If you’re on board with it, then Pink Mass’ Necrosexual is one of the most invigorating and vital extreme metal records to be released in recent times.
on Aug 02, 2018
Uniform and The Body’s Sacred Bones collaboration, Mental Wounds Not Healing, includes stomping post-punk riffs, harsh noise walls, static-drenched doom crawls, damage rave rhythms, and a hell of a lot of hurt.
on Jun 18, 2018
For 40 years now, Saxon have been one of the most reliable bands in the British hard rock and classic metal scene. Feast on the reissues of three diverse records in their genre-spanning run - Denim & Leather, Power & The Glory, and Crusader.
on Jun 09, 2018
For those of us who have spent many years worshipping at the bloodstained altar of Blasphemy, these two records via Nuclear War Now! deserve a place in our collection, serving as demonstrations of just how unrestrained and devastating the band are in a live environment.
on May 30, 2018

7.5 / 10

Black Moth Super Rainbow’s Panic Blooms is simultaneously brilliant and frustrating; an album that promises so much, containing some genuinely wonderful moments, yet falling slightly short of greatness.
on May 22, 2018
Though War on Women are hardly the only feminist punk band going these days, they are one of the most prominent and important, and Capture the Flag is a modern-day classic.
on Apr 25, 2018


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